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A Warning To Athletes About Nandrolone

Bodybuilders, powerlifters, and track & field athletes have long enjoyed the effects of Nandrolone. For bodybuilders, the drug can be stacked with testosterone and an oral such as Dianabol or Anadroxyl to combine to deliver a powerful off-season mass-building stack. In the pre-contest phase, Nandrolone is useful for cutting as well. Stacked with less harsh anabolics like Oxandroxyl or Winstrol, Nandrolone delivers a hardening effect desired by bodybuilders seeking to peak for a show. As long as use it tapered 1-2 weeks before the show date, any water retention is gone.

For powerlifters, Nandrolone, quite simply, “makes a brother strong”. Coupled with a high calorie diet and lots of heavy sets, along with testosterone and an oral, Nandrolone works to increase leverage and strength, particularly in the three major lifts. Deadlift, bench press, and squat strength typically increase at an astounding rate when Nandrolone is introduced to experienced users. For novice users attempting their first cycle, the change is even more pronounced.

Finally, outside of out small cult world of bodybuilding and powerlifting, a great market exists for Nandrolone in other sports arenas. Athletes in football, basketball, hockey, and other sports regularly use Nandrolone for boosts in performance. In the track and field arena, Nandrolone is highly popular as well. It increases power on the track, which equates to faster running times.

For the athlete who competes in a tested realm who enjoys the use of Nandrolone, the gravy train is about to end. Emerging steroid tests are becoming better and better at tracing the use of Nandrolone, further back than ever before. What’s interesting about Nandrolone is the fact that the drug has such a short active life in the body, yet can be detected for so long. With a half-life of 10 days, the drug isn’t all that effective in terms of dosing,  you need at least once-weekly dosing in order to maintain effectiveness, with twice-weekly dosing being preferable. However, these new tests are able to detect Nandrolone metabolites in the system up to six months after use, in many subjects. This means it is possible that if you used Nandrolone any time in a previous year, there is a statistical chance it can still show up on a drug screening.

Athletes, your choices are simple. If you’re competing in a tested federation, avoid Nandrolone. You can use all the masking agents in the world, but the fact remains that if you dosed with Nandrolone for any sustained period of time, there will be a long-term presence of the compound in your body.

For average gymrats who never plan on stepping upon a bodybuilding state, Nandrolone may still be a perfect drug for you! You can enjoy its mass building effects in the off-season, and it’s effects upon muscle hardening when caloric restriction takes place. Remember that 99% of the people in a gym will never step on a competitive stage, so 99% of them don’t need to worry about drug testing. Likewise, if you plan on competing 2-3 years down the road once you’ve gained a great deal more mass and definition, then Nandrolone might be perfect for you. Just don’t play with the drug if you plan to be tested this year!

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