Dianoxyl is the trade name for the anabolic steroid – Methandienone, which won very wide popularity in the 1970s and 1980s in the USSR, where there was no wide choice of steroids at all, so the drug was called “weightlifter’s bread”. Why weightlifters? Because androgenic anabolic steroids are effective in power sports, although they are also used in other sports disciplines, but they are especially effective in building strength indicators and skeletal muscles. At the same time, because of health risks, they are banned for use in most sports federations, and for it’s use, athletes are disqualified]. But, since the “natural” “chemist” is not a rival, they still continue to be used by both professional athletes and amateurs.

Of course, the use of doping drugs is contrary to sports ethics, and is completely unjustified for fans if they are used not for the prescription by the treating physician, but for the sake of achieving physical superiority. Steroids have a number of side effects, including stimulation of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, not to mention the fact that steroids are addictive, which is partly due to their ability to stimulate the production of dopamine. And in the latter, by the way, the champion is Dianoxyl in tablets, which especially stimulates the development of the “happiness hormone”, and therefore, unscrupulous athletes often use it as a motivator for training.

Some users of androgenic anabolic steroids and simply sympathetic citizens can say that “it’s you all lying, but in fact, in order for steroids to work, you have to plow three times more.” We will not refer to those who make such statements, especially since professional athletes do more to achieve the highest sports results than amateurs who support sports health. But this does not mean that with the same efforts, the user of steroids and “straight” will achieve the same results! In fact, steroids contribute to the growth of muscle mass and strengthening of bones even outside physical activity. And it’s very cool, because such properties of steroids allow them to be used under the supervision of a doctor with hormone replacement therapy in elderly and sick people.

How to take Dianoxyl

It has been clinically established that steroids contribute to the increase in strength and muscle mass], and although there are more effective steroids than Dianoxyl, Methandienone in tablets is especially harmful to the liver. In the end, almost every guy involved with the barbell heard the saying: “fish, meat and sour cream will not replace Dianoxyl!” And although we strongly do not recommend using steroids, since this is really harmful and dangerous, and most likely will not bring you benefits adequate to these risks, nevertheless, if you decide that it is worth it, then you should proceed from dosages, which were used during clinical trials.

Dianoxyl Dosage

What is this dosage? It has been clinically established that Dianoxyl contributes to the increase in muscle mass and strength in doses from 10 to 25 mg per day, although the relative effectiveness of the drug depended on dosages. At the same time, studies show that the duration of cycles is more important than the dosages of the drug, so in 2 weeks of taking Dianoxyl tablets, no advantages were found in muscle growth at any dosage]. In this case, we recall that Dianoxyl is alkylated in the 17th position, which has a particularly negative effect on the liver of the user, not to mention such side effects as aromatization and increased cholesterol levels in the blood. Therefore, the duration of the drug increases the risk of side effects in a geometric progression!

Conclusion: taking Dianoxyl tablets at dosages above 25 mg per day is completely unjustified, since Dianoxyl is not the most effective steroid, but it is one of the most dangerous. Do not take any medication without consulting a doctor, it’s not safe! Remember that health is more important than any ambition!

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