Methyltrienolone: Oral Trenbolone

Methyltrienolone is a steroid that hasn’t been released on a wide scale to the steroid world. Rather, it is use mainly for research and development. Still, it’s a fascinating, albeit highly powerful drug. Let’s address some of the more commonly asked questions about this compound.

Q: First off, what in the world is Methyltrienolone?
A: Most simply put, Methyltrienolone is the oral version of trenbolone acetate. If you know how potent and toxic trenbolone is in the injectable form, you can probably imagine how strong it is when taken orally!

Q: What is the effective dosage for Methyltrienolone?
A: In theory – 500 to 750 mcgs should be consumed orally each day.

Q: How long does Methyltrienolone remain active in the bloodstream?
A: It is effective for up to 6 hours. For this time, doses would be theoretically split into a morning and afternoon pill.

Q: How long would Methyltrienolone be detected for in tests?
A: Most likely, it would be detectable for up to 6 weeks. However, since it isn’t mass produced and therefore hasn’t been tested extensively, this is unknown.

Q: What kind of stack would I run with Methyltrienolone?
A: First off, it would have to be the only oral steroid in the cycle. Adding a second would be very liver-toxic and extremely stupid to boot. In a standard cycle, it would be stacked with injectable testosterone, and you’d have a very strong cycle that would lead to some serious mass retention.

Q: Is this more of a pre-contest or off-season drug?
A: If used, it would be almost exclusively limited to the pre-contest cutting phase.

Q: Why was Methyltrienolone never released?
A: It was deemed too toxic by the manufacturer. You may see it one day.

Q: How would I be able to protect the liver while using Methyltrienolone?
A: The use of milk thistle, a very popular liver protecting agent, would be recommended. Additionally, the user would be very wise to have a blood panel run prior to using Methyltrienolone so that some baseline levels for liver enzymes and red and white blood cell counts could be established.

Q: How can I get my hands on Methyltrienolone?
A: You probably won’t be able to. It is produced occasionally by underground laboratories for very short times, available under such trade names: Ortrexyl, OralTren-Lab, Oral Tren. When available, it is priced very reasonable, at less than 50 cents per single dose.

Q: What does the future hold for Methyltrienolone?
A: Given the advent of internet sales and advances in drug manufacturing, it probably won’t be long until the drug is available in a greater number of outlets as the demand is there. It’s a very toxic oral steroid – worse than Anadrol – and should be avoided by most people. However, there may be cases where small doses are useful for pre-contest phases in very short intervals. Cycles of 3 to 4 weeks followed by at least a month of rest, if carefully monitored by a doctor, would probably be safe enough to consider attempting. It’s probably better to avoid this compound, but to be aware of its power.

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