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Q: A good friend of mine has Trenbolone tabs (25mg) he really wants to sell to me. Are Trenbelone tabs even an effective oral Anabolic Steroid? I’d also like to know if I were to take Arimidex with the Tren tabs, would I not be able to take Clomid or HCG in a cycle with these? Word on the street is Tren tends to shut down your own testosterone production and it’s possible to get really heavy amounts of water retention and even gynocomasita…

A: Look, no offense by this, but you sound like a bit of a newbie, so I’ll just attempt to sway you from Trenbolone tabs completely by saying that I think using Tren tabs is essentially a waste. Tren tabs are pretty darn toxic, as most orals can be. An injection of Trenbelone is not only more convenient, but overall it’s going to be much less toxic over time and with repeated use. Since I don’t know how much you’re paying for these, it’s darn near impossible to advise you whether it’s worth it or not overall. Anybody turning down free or nearly free gear is technically an idiot! Still, it shouldn’t be anybody’s first choice of AAS. And yes, Tren tends to shut down the natural production of your own testosterone rather quickly. It is progestagenic and can shut down your testosterone production faster and harder than a lot of other steroids out there. But, Tren doesn’t convert to estrogen, so while you surely need to follow up with Clomid and HCG – and start adding those in nearing the end of a cycle, dosing Arimidex might be a complete waste and not add anything beneficial to the mix. Arimidex and Clomid are two completely different things, so keep that in mind. Clomid is just an estrogen agonist/ antagonist. Arimidex however is a pure anti-estrogen. These two AAS are not interchangeable so don’t really waste your time by dosing just one.

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