Esiclene is very popular in the bodybuilding world, despite the fact it’s unlike any other steroid. Let’s address some of the commonly asked questions regarding its use in the sport.

What is Esiclene?
It’s technically a steroid; A very weak steroid, actually. Being neither highly anabolic nor androgenic, it’s not often used for its long-term muscle building properties by adults.

How is Esiclene used by bodybuilders?
When Esiclene is injected, it causes localized swelling in the injection zone. It is painful to inject. However, this swelling is desirable for many bodybuilders who possess a structural flaw. Many African-American bodybuilders have very small calves thanks to their genetic makeup. When injected, Esiclene creates swelling in the area which makes the muscle appear larger. Likewise, many bodybuilders of all racial make-ups suffer from long, and flat, biceps muscles. This costs them a lot of points in poses such as the rear double biceps, where their upper arm completely disappears. Several shots of Esiclene can help create some swelling in the area which can lead to a taller bicep, making that weakness less noticeable. Finally, the deltoids are an area where Esiclene use is highly popular. We cannot change how wide our frame is, no matter how much time we spend in the gym. A bodybuilder with narrow clavicles and a wide pelvic structure is going to be penalized by the judges when standing next to an athlete with wide shoulders and small hips. Esiclene is used in the shoulder muscles to make the upper body appear wider, accentuating that desired V-taper.

So you’re saying the drug is used for cosmetic, not muscle-building purposes?
That’s exactly what I’m saying.

So, is Esiclene like synthol?
Synthol is an oil which is injected below the muscle group to cause it to appear larger. Synthol causes a blurring of the muscle group area. Esiclene, on the other hand, is a steroid that usually doesn’t cause such blurring. Rather, a slight puffiness occurs in the area.

When should Esiclene be injected?
Most bodybuilders use Esiclene the same day of the show, or the evening before.

How many shots are required?
In the professional bodybuilding ranks, some athletes have been known to use 50 to 70 shots before a show. In local shows with intermediate level bodybuilders, 2 to 4 shots per muscle group is probably more than enough. Going overboard will leave you feeling very foolish onstage when one body part dwarfs all the others. Even worse, imbalanced use can leave one arm or calf looking way larger than the other!

How long does the swelling last?
Esiclene swelling lasts 3 to 4 days at most.

Is Esiclene offered in any other forms?
You can find Esiclene in the oral steroid form, but its uses are very limited. Since the primary function of Esiclene is spot injections to hide deficits, the oral form wouldn’t be very useful to bodybuilders. It has medical purposes for young children needing assistance with growth, but simply isn’t that useful for adults.

Is Esiclene toxic?
Esiclene is highly toxic to the liver in heavy, long-term use.

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