american steroids control

The use of anabolic steroids especially those with high concentration levels of androgen and testosterone is a very prevalent trend in the American body building society. The modern desperate quest for a perfectly well built body especially with a compact six pack is a lethal bug that has bit America hard. Both males and females have today created a giant perpetual market for anabolic steroid’s abuse.

Much of the abuse is precarious simply due to androgen addiction among most athletes especially body builders. Body builder’s black market supply of androgen steroids is now at epidemic proportions, considering the potential addiction. Numerous research studies carried out among high school and college boys, have established repetitively that 4-12% of the boys have already used androgens for at least once in their lifetime. Contemporary poll results indicate that the illegal use of testosterone replacement products, is 96% among Professional Footballers, 80-99% among male body builders, 11% among male high school footballers and 6 -10% among male high school seniors.

Steroids are illegal in the US and can only be obtained legally through limited prescription cases, primarily for medical reasons. Yet this high rate of distribution and use of steroids is being recorded in the country despite stiff regulations and penalties for offenders. The American steroids control system is being beaten on its game, even if they are doing all they can to curb both the distribution and use on anabolic steroids. How does it happen? How can such a high number of American inhabitants especially body builders access regular supplies of the steroids amid legal curbs and tough regulations?

The popularity of steroids among American body builders is however easy to explain, than it may seem. For example, what else can a practicing body building physician do when a new body building trainee cries up to him after being completely unable to develop muscles despite dedicating sacrificial number of hours to the gym with heavy weights, specializing on a strict high protein diet and even using the entire range of muscle building aids he can find over the counter? Many a physicians will usually advice the young trainee to lift more weights or even that the trainee’s body type and or genetic makeup does not auger well with body building.

Worse still, more dangerous than telling the trainee that he or she can never develop big muscles, some physicians may advise the trainee to consider using black market steroids. The reasoning is always that, if the trainee wants to be like other muscled builders in the gym, why not tell him or her that those body builders he admires are users of anabolic steroids. When told of the potential of these steroids, shown people who use them and who by then are his role models in the industry, the next question most of these youngsters ask is, where can I buy the steroids?

Prescription and even use of anabolic steroids is still legal in US. Although the Anabolic Steroid Control Act enacted in 1990, criminalized their sale, US law is unclear on possession and use of any steroid for non-medical use like body building. Misuse of steroids therefore especially in world level sports is at times due to their legitimate medical allowances.

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