Q: I’m having a lot of sleep problems on AAS. I was always a bit of an insomniac, but this is getting horrific. Sleepanol works, but I get used to it fast and am wide awake by week’s end. I was thinking of trying Xanax or weed because Ambien and other drugs that are newer make me sleep walk. Any suggestions?

A: Don’t smoke weed and don’t take Xanax – it’s habit forming. Well, both are. If you haven’t tried Lunesta yet, 3mg works great and is supposed to not be habit-forming. But personally, I found Clonidine works great because you sleep within 45 minutes of ingestion and have the added benefit of boosting GH levels during sleep.

I’ve also noticed that I need less sleep on Clonidine. I take about 3mg before bedtime with some grapefruit juice to aid rapid absorbtion. Don’t ever do Valium, because it’s like a bitch goddess you’ll be praying to for years. Benedryl may work, or other over the counter allergy meds that cause sleep and give other sleep meds a boost. Cold meds can also work (nighttime versions), but careful of the pseudo-ephedrine. I took some Nyquil a few nights in a row during a bad time and felt spacey and got blurry vision in my waking hours. Not good. Mostly, try and eat your carbs at night, drink milk, and practice relaxation techniques. Worst case? Give up the AAS and take up bowling!

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