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The Technique For Injecting Steroids

Steroid injection technique is one of the most overlooked areas of bodybuilding with chemicals. The chain of events usually follows as planning out the cycle, locating steroids, making a purchase, and using to build muscle. It can be a scary moment when a bodybuilder gets ready to inject, and thinks to himself that he really doesn’t know exactly what he’s injecting or the proper way to do it.

Usually this process is easy and doesn’t take much time, but for first time injections, it is worth it to research well, and prepare for what you are doing. There is no going back once the needle pierces through the skin, so knowing the following steps before is essential to successful injections.

Filling The Syringe

The vial of oil should be held upside down. Have an alcohol pad to swab the top of vial. Equipped with a 22 or 23-gauge (1 to 1.5 inch) needle, draw air into the syringe, plunge into the vial, then draw the oil into the syringe.

Preparing The Skin

Now an area of the body must be chosen for the injection. The upper/outer glutes are popular for this, as well as the deltoids. Arm, calf, or chest injections can be used, but seldom are. Use an alcohol swab to wipe down the area, and then relax. Using the index finger and the thumb, stretch the skin in the injection area a bit. It is best for the injection area to be tight.


With the skin tight, insert the needle into the skin all the way to the end of the needle. It should enter efficiently at a clear 90-degree angle. Pull the plunger back to inject the oil, and make sure that no blood is entered into the vial. Pull the needle out quickly. As soon as the needle is out place an alcohol swab over the area, once clean, place a bandage over it.

Cleaning Up

The needle must always be carefully disposed. It is an important responsibility to place all hazardous materials in a sealed biohazard bag and dispose of them, as the law requires.

Before injecting a foreign substance into the body, procedure and technique need to be well researched. It is good to practice injecting with an orange so an inexperienced injector can get used to how it feels. If there is still doubt, have a trustful friend or family member assist with the injection.

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