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Top Muscle Enhancers In The Bodybuilding Market Today

The body building industry is currently flooded with steroid products especially in the black market. Majority of these types of products are short lived. This is mainly because the products are bogus and last only long enough to deceive some considerable number of body builders make a quick dollar before changing their brand names and beginning another cycle of marketing. There are however some products that have withered the storm and passed the test of time. Their success can only be attributed to the fact that they are relatively genuine and satisfy users.

Four pharmaceutical giants are currently manufacturing the four most popular brands of testosterone-based steroids products, in the US body building market. These four are: Dragon Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, British Dragon and Axiolabs. In the USA alone, the total gross income from the sale of these four compounds exceeded the billion dollars mark last year. The market dominance of these four compounds has be variously attributed to having high levels of concentrated testosterone.

When it comes to continents, South America and Europe are irrefutably the largest body building markets for anabolic steroids. Legal constraints to the manufacture and distribution of controlled substances have failed to deter black market supply of anabolics. It therefore emerges that the demand for testosterone-based anabolics is satisfied mostly by black market supply. However, there still are numerous anabolic steroid compounds bearing a large foray of brand names being legally sold in South America and Europe.

A casual introspection of the major legally circulating steroid compounds reveals that they have two similar traits: they have high concentration levels of testosterone and that they are largely abused by body builders. The following is a list that features a brief examination of the four most dominant steroid compounds in the United States, South American and European body building market.

Testosterone Propionate Compound which is used to manufacture such brands as Propionat 100, Testoxyl Propionate 100, Testabol Propionate and Testaplex P 100. It is a short-time acting compound with a half-life of about 3-6 hours after consumption. It is a commonly abused hormone especially in combination with numerous other types of mild testosterone.

Testosterone Cypionate Compound used to manufacture such brands as Cypionat 250, Testoxyl Cypionate 250, Testabol Depot and Testaplex C 250. It’s an intermediately acting substance that takes 9-12 days, to take effect. This makes it a form of steroid most abused by body builders because as it contains the maximum possible concentration, 200 mg for every milliliter of oil injected.

Testosterone Enanthate Compound used to manufacture such brand names as Enantat 250, Enantat 400, Testoxyl Enanthate 250, Testabol Enanthate and Testaplex E 250. This is a long acting compound taking 7-21 days before producing results and is commonly used by body builders in combination with the compounds listed above.

The fourth is Nandrolone Decanoate Compound used to manufacture Deca 300, Nandroxyl 250, Decabol and Deca 500 which is the most anabolic content of all injectable testosterones taking 3-7 days to effect. Deca is popularly referred to by the twin phrases of the best steroid for muscle growth and the worst for sexual function in American body building gyms. Indeed, long-term persistent use of this compound ultimately leads to either impotence or ED.

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