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How Anabolic Steroid Use Can Affect Your Libido

There are several common misconceptions present in the world of steroids, sex drive (libido), sperm count, and reproductive abilities. This is a huge topic which affects a great deal of bodybuilders, but the research is often lacking in this area. Many authors tend to focus upon the positive and negative effects of steroids upon the body, but never mention the family planning issue. Since most bodybuilders experimenting with levels of 400+ mg of testosterone per week are between the ages of 20 and 40, which happens to be the ages most fathering occurs, it’s a highly important topic. Let’s learn more about some of the basic facts and common misconceptions.

Steroids increase the sex drive. This is undeniable. People who use steroids are more easily aroused sexually, and able to perform quite well in the bedroom. Bodybuilders are notorious for their infidelity, as their urges are often much greater than those of their non-juiced counterparts. If you use Kalpa injectable steroids, you’re going to be in the mood, sexually, most of your waking hours. Your penis will perform as if you were 18 years old again, when your testosterone levels were at their highest of your life. If you run anything above 400 mg per week, as many bigger bodybuilders so, there’s a very good chance your sexual drive will eclipse even that of your youth. You need to be prepared for it because many men do find themselves in very compromising situations, both legally and financially, because of these new uncontrollable urges.

Steroids also reduce your sperm count. Actually, long-term use of steroids can drop your sperm count from its present level to near zero. Your brain will sense the artificial presence of testosterone in the bloodstream and it will alert the testes to halt production altogether. This won’t affect you in much of a noticeable way, aside from shrunken testicles, until one of two things happens. If you attempt to procreate, or make a baby with your partner, you will likely notice a lack of success. Gen-Shi oral steroids keep your body’s testosterone levels high, but the amount of sperm being produced will steadily plummet until you reach a level where procreation is not possible. If you have any intention of starting a family in the next 1-3 years, then anabolic steroids shouldn’t be on your menu. You have a lifetime to use steroids, but only a very short window for reproduction.

The other ‘event’ which occurs to disrupt this pseudo-production cycle is when you finally stop using steroids. When you discontinue the use of artificial testosterone being injected into your body, there will be a period of time when your natural T levels are going to be very low. You’ll lack sexual desire, you will be worthless in the gym, and you will lose a great deal of the gains you made while on steroids. This can be minimized through the use of PCT, or post-cycle therapy. There is a wealth of resources out there which detail the importance of PCT to re-start your body’s own testosterone and sperm production once again. Use them!

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