Q: Have you guys ever heard of Thiomucase or Primucase? A buddy of mine said he got some from Europe and that it eats fat like crazy. Is that true or just BS?

A: We’ve used it back in the day… and by that, we mean back in the late 80’s and early 90’s when people actually did get it from Europe. You rub it on your skin and it tightens those areas by a thyroid type effect. So it burns small amounts of subcutaneous fat.

There were also suppositories (yes, and don’t tell anyone we used them either, ok?! SHEESH!) that bound to fat and pulled it out, but most of us were never convinced of that fact. We just thinks someone thought it was a funny sight to see a bodybuilder TRY to bend over and stick a suppository up his ass, knowing full well that his girlfriend or wife would have to do it for him. (See: Greg Kovacs’ wife wiping his ass after every poo!)

Okay, but let’s get real.. if you allow enough time for diet, these topical or – worse – anal treatments don’t have to happen. Also, with Thiomucase you have to have real low body fat to see any of this make a difference. So, being shredded you may have one area that needs a little help because it isn’t as tight and needs a tiny bit of fat gone and some water removed. Like, lower back or lower abs. That’s about it. We’d say below 7% body fat for men and below 9% for women. It’s also hard to get hold of the real stuff.

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