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Trenboxyl Acetate: A Major Player In The Bodybuilding World

Trenboxyl acetate (Tren), or the chemical name of active ingredient in Trenbolone Acetate, is a popular steroid in the bodybuilding world made by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. Trenboxyl is a very potent steroid of the Class I variety. It binds to the androgen receptor, and has a short half-life of 1-2 days, very well for avoiding detection in tested arenas. Trenboxyl is very potent (three times more potent than testosterone esters) and in addition to building muscle, it burns fat as well. Tren also stimulates appetite, and doesn’t cause water retention. This makes it a very popular steroid to use right up to a show – it leaves the system fast and doesn’t cause water retention. Finally, Trenboxyl use is often accompanied by a huge jump in strength on all major lifts. It’s often sought after by bodybuilders, as it really is one of the best options out there as far as anabolic steroids go.

Trenboxyl is usually stacked with a Class II agent like Dianoxyl or Anadroxyl for maximum anabolism. Trenboxyl is not advisable as a first cycle option. However, given limited options (It’s getting harder and harder to locate AAS out there!), 50 mg per day is an acceptable start. Advanced users can handle 100 mg per day. More detailed cycles split Trenboxyl in other ways, and they vary in terms of their effectiveness.

Trenboxyl may or may not be hard on the kidneys – this is still disputed. It’s often tough to evaluate what caused the problem when stacks are used, as is the case with higher-level bodybuilders. Likewise, “Tren rage” isn’t something most bodybuilders face. Its effects are similar to most other anabolics. Insomnia, raised blood pressure, night sweats, and increased libido are also common side effects. Women should avoid Trenboxyl, as virilization occurs almost instantly, even at small doses. Don’t tough Trenboxyl unless you want to look – and sound – like a bodybuilder. There are no ‘light’ Trenboxyl cycles.

The FDA does still not approve Trenboxyl for any human purpose. It was originally marketed as an ear implant to help cattle maintain weight as they prepared to be slaughtered. Only later did athletes discover it’s good for adding weight to humans as well! Many beginners start Trenboxyl way too soon (like learning to drive in a Ferrari) and later wish they had fulfilled their early potential before jumping into such a powerful agent. Likewise, many casual bodybuilders who try Trenboxyl soon discover that the immediate side effects are something they hadn’t anticipated – although the common and often immediate 40 to 60 pound increase in bench press strength seems to cushion the impact a bit.

Learn more about Trenboxyl. If you’re an experienced bodybuilder looking for an edge, it might just be the right supplement for you.

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