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Sustaxyl: The Number One Testosterone Blend

In the steroid world, blends are wildly popular. It may seem odd that men of science, and many steroid users would prefer some compound containing multiple products, over something pure that they could easily predict, control, and stack. However, there is a distinct advantage that comes with the use of blend of different peaking times. When you inject testosterone, you know that this testosterone oil contains a particular ester, and it will have its peak release into your body at a time determined by the chemical make-up of that particular ester. Different esters release in different windows. Well, testosterone blends are just that of several different “flavors”, or esters of testosterone, combined into one product. When you inject the oil, you don’t have a single chemical release from a single ester. Instead, you experience two timed releases. No two esters are identical on release times. This means one shot equals two testosterone releases into your body.

The releases will occur at different times, and they will obviously be of smaller amounts due to the fact that only half (or whatever ratio was chosen) of the total dose is being released. This is desirable. Our bodies (actually, our receptors in the muscle fibers) are never able to absorb 100% of the testosterone present in the bloodstream. Some always goes to waste or is processed by the body. If steroid users had their way, they would probably prefer a dozen small releases each day, so that the muscle receptors received a near continuous supply of testosterone with which to grow. Obviously, this technology has not yet arrived at a mass scale*, so testosterone blends work best for now.

Sustaxyl 350 is a veterinarian product previously used to make horses stronger. It is a testosterone blend, and like many veterinary products, was discovered by bodybuilders as a nice way to boost testosterone levels in human beings. As described above, Sustaxyl 350 is a blend. However, it takes the testosterone two-step a few steps further.

Sustaxyl 350 contains a blend of seven different testosterone esters. That’s right. With each injection of the Sustaxyl 350 oil, you can be assured your body will be receiving seven different time-releasing doses! It’s the equivalent of taking seven smaller shots a day. As one can imagine, Sustaxyl 350 has been very well-received by those in the bodybuilding community. It’s as effective as Sustanon. It’s highly potent as well. Users only need to inject 200 mg/cc to get the job done. Sustaxyl 350 is quickly becoming the number one testosterone blend. If you are currently using a single ester testosterone and come across an opportunity to try Sustaxyl 350, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. Because that one shot may actually equal seven!

***Ask your doctor about the new slow-release testosterone implant. It’s available in a 6-month release pellet, and may completely revolutionize steroid use as we know it. Once the technology is complete, human beings will have the ability to release testosterone into their bodies at a near-continual rate, for months at a time!

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