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Effects Of Steroids In Men

Normally, online purchase of anabolic steroids in USA are seen as muscle building boosters in men, to aid athletic looks. The reason most men abuse the use of steroids is the idea that it improves self image, by body building and increase of physical performance. The desired performance can be size and stature increase, strength, or stamina. This makes them desire using steroids. However we must say the problem is ill information. They know the benefits but not the side effects of steroids. Or even worse some people do know the side effects but are willing to take the risk as against the temporary benefits.

A lot of steroid abusers are fazed with the idea of their looks when it comes to what ladies like and to impress these women, they become abusers of steroid. Having the idea that anabolic steroid is solution to their perception of low self image.

Steroids are used medically for the treatment of a lot of diseases due to its high therapeutic value. When steroids are prescribed by doctors, they do so for the purpose of treating a specific disease. For example steroids are part of the treatment in bronchial asthma, used in treatment of Addison’s disease and some severe allergic diseases. And due to the side effects of steroid doctors prescribe this drug with a minimal dose, to minimize its side effects.

Anabolic steroid on its own its not harmful to the body, but the unregulated, and not medically approved usage of this drug for the purpose of looking good or building one’s body mass requires doses that are harmful and thereby pronounced side effects are the terminal result of this practice, In this situation there is no more safe usage.

When side effects of steroids are overlooked because of the temporary benefit it of certainty results in complications that cannot be reversed. The side effects of steroids in women are much greater than in men yet it shows to have multiple dangerous effects also in men. A steroid in women is severe due to the physiological changes. The side effects of steroid can be looked at, from both the short term effect and the long term effects.

The short term side effects of steroids are effects that the drug abusers notice immediately, such short term side effects of steroids in men are acne, atrophy of the testicles, sperm count is decreased, enlargement of breast( gynecomastia), dysfunction of the liver, enlarged prostate gland, decrease in LDL, increased arterial pressure, retention of fluid and more. Though side effects of steroids in women are similar to that of men, theirs include; high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, liver damage, increased aggression in attitude, nicknamed ‘roid rage’. However other side effects exclusively seen in women are male characteristics in the women which are; baldness, deepening of voice, body and growth of facial and body hairs, coarse skin of anabolic steroids on metabolism dysfunction which leads to liver destruction and ultimately liver failure. Another reason for liver failure in steroid use can be peliosis hepatitis, which is a condition when cyst filled with blood replaces liver and spleen tissue, and if steroids intake continue the cyst allow tumor formation, which can threaten life after abdominal hemorrhage.

Cardiovascular problems seen in steroid abusers are as a result of the increased hypertension, which can lead to premature heart attacks and even stroke.

Stunted growth is often seen in adolescent who are introduced to using steroids early in life. The presence of the excess hormone in the body sends a signal in the brain to stop further growth. Weight problems are another side effect faced by steroid abusers when the drug is stopped, muscles become flabby. And increased weight gain is a normal feature.

Finally it has been noted by studies that, the effects of steroids on their nervous system can be permanent as seen in psychosis, severe anxiety and depression.

Although people like the positive effects of steroids that does not defy the presence of detrimental side effects of steroids which should be thought about carefully before taking another pill or injection of steroid. It pays to look great and feel great but it pays better to have a quality life.

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