Testosterone, Nutrition and Anabolism: Inconclusive Experiments

Testosterone is the main anabolic hormone in our body. It can directly affect the training procedure. After weight training there is an increase in the content of this hormone in the blood. The logical sequence in this case would be the following: you exercise and testosterone secretion is increased, and thus begin the process of muscle anabolism or growth. However this muscle growth require building materials – amino acids and we reach to another important conclusion: we need to eat more protein.

The equation is quite easy. However, recently American scientists rechecked this theory and concluded another unusual result. In the experiment, 12 bodybuilders performed bench press (5 sets of 10 repetitions to “failure”) and jumping squats (5 sets of 10 repetitions with a weight representing 30% of maximum). After squats testosterone levels increased by 15%, and the bench gave only a 7 percent increase.

Cortisol levels after both exercises have not changed, although it is assumed that high-intensity efforts incite secretion of catabolic hormones. The truth is that a part bodybuilders consumed large amounts of protein, while the other ate little protein, but larger amount of fats to maintain a high level of caloric intake. The results showed that in case of those who consumed a lot of fat, testosterone levels were higher and “Protein” group were behind them.

But we should rush to make such conclusions. The study of the hormonal system of athletes has offered a lot of disappointing surprises. In short, muscle anabolism is still a mystery for science.

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