Anti-Estrogens vs. Anti-Aromatase

Anti-Estrogens – Used to block receptor sites, not stop conversion of AAS to estrogen. So when it’s already converted, anti-estrogens block the body from this action. TAKE ANTI-ESTROGENS BEFORE AND AT THE FIRST SIGN OF RECEPTOR ACTIVITY (GYNECOMASTIA), OR BETTER YET, ALONG WITH AN AROMATASE INHIBITOR

Nolvadex is the best example of an anti-estrogen. It binds itself to estrogen receptors and blocks the ability of estrogen to attach itself to these areas of the body, such as the breast and testes. It is a very useful compound and garners positive results. It has been used to treat breast cancer for years in those whose circulating levels of estrogen are too high to support the shrinking of estrogen-caused tumors. It is actually possible to reverse action of an existing growth process of diseased tissue and prevent further growth. So those already showing signs of gynecomastia should take Nolvadex. Don’t confuse Nolvadex and Arimidex (see below) – they are often lumped together as the same kind of drug, but are not. Nolvadex, again, does not prevent aromatization but acts as an estrogen antagonist. It does not prevent testosterone from converting, but fights with them for receptor position.

Anti-Aromatase – Used to block the conversion of aromatizing AAS to estrogen, and actually block the production of estrogens in the body through binding to the enzyme aromatase. Many bodybuilders use this class of drugs during cycles with particular steroids to avoid any mop up any undesirable hormonal activity. TAKE ANTI-AROMATASE BEFORE ANY SYMPTOMS OF AROMATIZATION HAVE OCCURRED AT THE BEGINNING OF A CYCLE.

Arimidex is often confused with an anti-estrogen, but it is actually an aromatase inhibitor. It is appropriately used when using large amounts of aromatizing AAS, or when you are prone to developing gynecomastia and using moderate amounts of AAS. In a nutshell, as with all aromatase inhibitors, the mechanism of action is to block the conversion of aromatizable steroids to estrogen. So, it is in direct contrast to the mechanism and action of an anti-estrogen, such as Clomid or Nolvadex, which are merely in place to block estrogen receptors in some tissues, such as the breast tissue and area of the testes. So, generally, if you are using Arimidex, you wouldn’t be using Clomid, but you may find a few benefits in doing so.

Fortunately, Arimidex doesn’t have the side effects of some aromatase inhibitors, such as Cytadren or others and will also develop a high degree of estrogen blocking. It is possible to reduce estrogen too much with Arimidex, however, and testing should always take place.

This newer aromatase inhibitor is quite expensive, however, and costs about $7 -$9 per milligram.

Synthetic Estrogens – Used to kickstart a person’s own sex hormones by influencing the hypothalamohypophysial testicular axis to release more gonadotropin so that rapid release of FSH and LH occurs. USE THESE POST CYCLE TO KICKSTART YOUR OWN HORMONAL ASSAY

Clomid is often lumped in with anti-estrogens or anti-aromatase/ aromatase inhibiting drugs, but it is something different altogether. It is a synthetic estrogen and belongs to the group of sex hormones, as Nolvadex does (surprisingly). Clomid is effective when the body’s own testosterone production is lagging or suppressed because of AAS. So, ti’s the reason that most take Clomid after steroids are discontinued. It’s very important to restore normal levels of testosterone as quickly as possible so that the loss of strength and muscle mass is minimized. HCG is a great combination for Clomid and offers even better results. The anti-estrogenic effects of Clomid are lower than those found in Proviron and Teslac, it is primarily taken as a testosterone stimulant (via gonadotropin stimulating effects).

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