Q: Does Clenbuterol decrease or aid endurance?

A: Does Clenbuterol decrease or aid in endurance? Well, that’s quite an interesting question because in some ways, people’s first response would be to say, “Are you nuts?” But I do see where you may be going with this. It is incorrect to say that Clen descreases endurance, because you only have to look to Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong, and know that’s not true in the strictest sense of the word. Of course, Armstrong won’t commit to whether or not he was actually diagnosed with asthma (probably exercise induced asthma – EIA) to justify his legal use of it or whether it was a justified performance enhancing tool. Some think, definitely.

The problem is, the very effect that healthy people who don’t have asthma seek from this drug is increased energy and endurance, as well as fat burning. But, the thing that may happen because of too high a dose (and most bodybuilders err here) is that they feel incapacitated and overwhelmed within the central nervous system. The stimulant effect that is supposed to drive you, can also incapacitate you as well.

Its beta-2 elements, salmeterol and salbutamol can also exert negative side effects if the dose is too high. So it can be a wonder drug or a real hindrance to performance, based on dose. Also, endurance is a funny thing… you want some endurance, but do you want ultimate endurance in your sport? How long do you want to be on the treadmill or elliptical trainer? Sometimes Clen gives you so much energy and endurance, you make poor choices for time in cardio that can interfere with muscle retention.

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