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Q:  Hey, two questions actually… (I’m greedy and they’re short)… First off, I ordered some gear and it’s been super cold where I live. I vial of oil based AAS (don’t like to incriminate myself by saying) arrived supposedly arrived to a mailbox I use 2 days ago and I couldn’t get around to getting it. When I did, it was 22 degrees out and the oil was almost solid (not frozen, just solid). Will the temperature affect the potency and the expiration? Then, is it okay to take Prevacid with D-Bol?  I get painful heartburn from D-Bol and was wondering if OTC drugs like this would reduce the effectiveness of D-Bol.

A: First, the cold weather won’t affect the gear, provided it didn’t freeze or expand out of the seal of the vial. It’s not a good idea to expose it to changes between heat and cold, but cold in and of itself is not a bad thing. I wouldn’t put your gear in the freezer, but in the ‘fridge is okay. So, in other words, in the mailbox for a day or two in the cold weather is not that big a deal. It was likely in wrapping and packing gear that kept it insulated. As for the heartburn, yes, you can take it. Some report that oral OTC heartburn meds and prescription oral heartburn meds do nothing to quell the heartburn they get from AAS. It depends on your system. Try more than one product to see.

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