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Anabolic Steroid Stack Guaranteed To Build More Muscle

Dear Dr. Deca,

Q: I’m excited! I just got my new stack of Mesobolin, corTESTEN and TridenosenH and I want to know exactly how much muscle I should gain. I’m 19 and I weigh 171 with 8.5% body fat!

A: That is a very tough question young man because every one varies and these is no way I can say how much you’ll gain in 12 weeks! But I can say this, if you take a picture of yourself now, and a picture of yourself after your 12 week cycle…you will look much more impressive! For some guys this may mean losing 15 pounds of fat (because this stack is very thermogenic) and gaining 15 pounds of muscle! And for others who don’t need to lose fat (like yourself) it will mean significant muscle gain! How significant is anybodies guess but even if you put on a minimum of 6-7 pounds of rare new muscle, this would be awesome! And you may be on more! One bodybuilder from Butte, Montana put on 27 pounds in 12 weeks! Sure, he’s the exception but the point i, this stack will work! It contains a wicked steroid receptor builder (Tridenosen) that then synthesizes the other two anabolic agents, Mesobolin and corTESTEN for unbelievable muscle and strength! But remember, since this stack is non-hormonal and has no steroidal side-effects you can “stack” and “re-stack” as often as you like, or until you grain all the muscle you need! This is a much better approach than hormonal synthetic steroids that do have real side-effects that have hurt real people! So “pat yourself on the back” because at 19 you already have the wisdom of a 40 year old! Let me know in 12 weeks and good luck. And remember my famous motto about steroids! They would be “cool” if they didn’t ruin your “tool”!

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