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Q: Listen Doc, here’s a cool way to smuggle all the Test you want from Mexico, here’s what I do. I go down with my girlfriend every 4-5 months and buy about 20 Sustanon 350’s and empty them all into a Coppertone Sun Bathing oil bottle, and she puts it in her purse with all her other girl-stuff! But, since I know customs watches attractive women with bodybuilders (I weigh 245 with 6% bodyfat currently) and they often search them, so I use an additional diversion! What I do is purchase 2 injectable B-12 capsules (the only cost 4 bucks a piece) and “declare them” to the customs official! But oh no, since they’re “injectables” I can’t take them across the border, ah shucks! So the agent tells me to go return them for my money back or since they’re just a vitamin injection, I can surrender them to customs, and they simply throw them away! So I bitch and moan a bit to make it look good and then gladly surrender them to customs. And that’s exactly what I wanted to do in the first place! Hell, they never even bother with my girlfriend, she just walks through with 30 capsules worth of Sus in her purse! I’ve been doing this for 12 years and have never come close to getting busted!

A: You are one slick bastard my friend. Damn, that’s a good routine. However, the only downside is, you have to live in San Diego or Southern California to pull off this clever smuggling venture. So what does somebody do if they don’t live in “So. Cal.” (or even if you do, and don’t want to break the law) but still love Testosterone? I’ve tried a lot of things that can be purchased legitimately in the U.S., honestly, I’ve spent the better part of my career finding ways to get Test in a legal fashion for the common bodybuilder. My suggestion, is something I only recently came across, that oddly enough, is created by a pharmaceutical company in Mexico, Tijuana Labs™. For those that are interested, why don’t you get your hands on this new, just released Test agent called Cyclosterone™. It works just as good as moderate doses of synthetic Test…but it won’t shut-down your nuts like Sus can! Plus, it’s anti-estrogenic so you really get “hard” on it!

And, if you do have synthetic Test available, you can stack small amounts of the synthetic (100 mg every 10 days) with Cyclosterone™ and you’ll go berserk because you’ll be getting Test from two sources without shutting down your manhood. So instead of lots of synthetic Test, try this. Or better still, stack Cyclosterone™ with Oral Testibol™ because it works through different pathways!

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