Primobolan is a unique drug with a small but very loyal following. Let’s learn more about its uses, while remaining aware of the fact it is NOT the standard mass-building steroid we encounter so often.

Q: What form of Primobolan is available?

A: You can buy cheap Primobolan in USA in both oral and injectable format. It’s very friendly to the liver in the oral version and fairly effective in the injectable format as well.

Q: What size dosage is recommended?

A: This steroid isn’t all that powerful. You’ll need at least 400 mg per week to be effective, with many bodybuilders opting for up to 800 mg per week. It should be injected every other day in 100 to 150 mg doses. It can be stacked with testosterone for optimal results.

Q: Is Primobolan useful for bulking?

A: It is not. Primobolan does not help with adding size in any meaningful way.

Q: Does Primobolan work for fat-burning?
A: Yes, Primobolan is actually a terrific fat burning compound. It binds to receptors better than testosterone, actually, which leads to very long-lasting fat loss.

Q: What is the active life of Primobolan?

A: Once taken as an injectable, it will be active in the body for 10 days to 2 weeks. Taken orally, it is only effective for about five hours.

methenolone (primobolan)
Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan)

Q: What is effective dosing?

A: Primobolan should be taken orally by men at a clip of 100 mgs per day. When injected, men should take 400 to 600 mgs per week. Women can get by with much less usage. Their oral dose is recommended between 10 and 25 mgs per day, with the injectable dose running at 100 mg per week, maximum.

Q: How does Primobolan affect sperm production?

A: In studies, men experienced about half of their endocrine function reduced when using a cycle of Primobolan. For this reason, as with all steroids, a post-cycle regimen of Nolvadex or Clomid would be recommended following a cycle involving the use of Primobolan.

Q: Seeing as it’s not all that effective, can Primobolan be purchased at low prices?
A: Surprisingly, no. Primobolan will run you $10 per 1 ml ampoule or $90 per 10 ml vial. Additionally, it is probably the most counterfeited steroid in existence. Seeing as it has been around for decades and is popular in the oral form, many less-than-scrupulous manufacturers put out inferior versions of this product.

Q: Is the injectable or oral form preferable?

A: As with nearly all steroids, the injectable form will always be more potent and effective, with fewer side effects. Some people prefer the use of orals, as they are not worried about the side effects or cost, and just want to avoid needles. In terms of effectiveness, injectables are absolutely preferable.

Q: In closing, is Primobolan the right steroid for me?

A: If it is your only available anabolic option, then by all means, use it. However, it’s not the best steroid in terms of price, efficiency, or assured quality. It anything, it’s popular because it’ll give you some results with little side effects. All in all, it’s probably not the steroid for you.

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