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Facts You Must Know About Steroids

You should read this, before opting for the option of joining the increasing number of people taking steroids, for personal reasons other than that of a disease condition, And the prescription of a certified doctor. Take a close look at these facts. The side effects of steroids are numerous and you numerous. After reading this I don’t think steroids will be a part of your options for a better body build or strength neither will you let someone persuade you into steroid abuse.

Facts About Steroids:

1. Most Drugs Are For A Medical Reason:
Most drugs are made to treat a disease, which means somewhere in your body there is a malformation and that drug is used to correct the disease,. Either a deficiency or an excess. Steroid fall into category of such drugs. Steroid is not a vitamin supplement or a blood tonic it is a hormone which means it does have its function in your body. Abuse of this drug will bring an unwanted condition of health.

2. It Has A Hormonal Effect You Might Not Like:
As hormones when in excess they distort the natural production of hormones in the human body, and the result is both reversible and irreversible. The changes that can be reversed are testicular atrophy and low sperm count. And the changes which cannot be reversed are baldness which are normal in some men but is seen in women who use steroids. It also leads to gynecomastia in men, which occurs due to hormonal imbalance, while steroids in female results to macularization, decrease in body and breast size, coarse skin, enlargement of clitoris, deepening of voice, the side effects of steroid in women may also be excess growth of body hair but loss of scalp hair as already seen earlier, if the intake of steroids is continued some of these side effects become permanent.

3. Its Administrationn May Lead To Infection:
A lot of people who buy authentic steroids online, often administer it using unsterilized needles or share needles with others. Some manufacturers produce steroids in an unsterile manner especially illegal producer. These lead to the risk of infections such as HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, steroid users who use injections as means of administration may also have infective endocarditis, a bacterial disease, which is an inflammation of the inner coatings of the heart. There is also the infection and inflammation of the site of injection.

4. Steroids Have A Destructive Effect On The Li Ver:
The intake of steroid affects the liver negatively. And this is more in the oral dosage of steroids. It is known that steroids decrease the excretory function of the liver, particularly the steroids that contain 17-alky. The liver can form cyst which become filled with blood. This condition later with time becomes fatal; another side effect of steroids is the possibility for cancer of the liver.

5. Steroids Leave A Negative Effect On Your Muscular System:
Most often people use steroids because they want to increase the size and strength of their muscles but this does not remain the case because steroids after a couple of years have terrible muscular effects on the same muscles they built. The rapid increase of muscle from use of steroids is due to the normal physiological function of steroids. When this hormone is taken in excess, and reaches a certain level, it sends signals to the bones to stop its growth. This stops the growth in the person especially when the abuser is an adolescent. And for the adult it later causes flabby muscles and increased fatty tissues disproportionately.

6. Steroids Affects Your Cardiovascular System:
Cardiovascular diseases are associated with the use of steroids; these diseases are strokes and heart attack which is seen even in the young and athletes. Steroids increase level of low density lipoprotein, and high density lipoprotein decreases. this increase possibility of atherosclerosis a condition of fat deposition in the blood vessels causing clogging of the vessels and insufficient t blood flow to the brain which can result in stroke.

The side effects of steroids are not mild and therefore should be considered before using this drug as a cosmetic drug to increase muscle size. These side effects of steroids in women are more fatal than in men this is probably due to the fact that testosterone is physiologically a male hormone. Live a better live by avoiding steroid abuse.

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