Everything You Need To Know About Femara

When female breast cancer is not responding to traditional drugs, doctors often turn to a drug called Femara to help stop the growth. Femara is highly effective in inhibiting aromatization, which allows the cells to grow. As with many drugs that are effective in the medical field, it didn’t take long for bodybuilders and researchers to make the connection that curbing aromatization was the goal of a highly popular drug, Arimidex.

Arimixyl has been used for years by bodybuilders to prevent the growth of breast tissue in male bodybuilders, an ailment known as gynecomastia, or “bitch tits”. This ailment is permanent and can only be corrected with surgery once it has occurred. If you ever wish to be a success as a competing bodybuilder, avoiding gyno should be very high on your list.

Once bodybuilders realized Femara was useful in preventing gyno, it became a regularly used drug. Many bodybuilders feel it is useful directly following an off-season diet, to bridge into the pre-contest diet. Or, if you’ve just completed a heavy cutting cycle leading up to a show, and you wish to return to off-season form following a break, then Femara can be useful. Finally, if you are seeking to “bridge”, or connect two off-season cycles, and give the body a rest, Letroxyl may be useful. Some bodybuilders neglect breaks between cycles, and end up doing permanent damage to their endocrine systems. Intelligent bodybuilders (yes, there is such a thing!) never spend more than 12 weeks on the same cycle. They realize the importance of allowing the pituitary gland to order the testes to re-start testosterone production. A drug like Femara, which doesn’t introduce artificial testosterone into the body, can be perfect for that!

Femara has been shown to lower cholesterol levels in some patients, although that side effect doesn’t occur all of the time. The effects upon the testosterone levels are negligible as well. This may set off alarms for many bodybuilders, and rightfully so. Nolvadex or other compounds may be preferable for bodybuilders seeking the dual effect of estrogen control, along with testosterone elevation. However, if your budget doesn’t allow for it, or adequate supplies are not available, then Femara can be used as an acceptable substitute. It’s very cheap, so you have nothing to lose in trying it!

There are side effects to the use of Femara. Sex drive can be severely declined if the dose is too high. You’ll definitely want to stick with the recommended dosage, 0.25 mg per day is typically more than adequate for most bodybuilders.

As with most drugs, when you take more than the recommended dose, you often don’t just enjoy “more of the same great benefits”. More likely than not, you end up with some very unpleasant side effects. Gyno is curbed, most importantly, and the body’s hormone levels are allowed to return to normal levels without much trouble. If you are looking for an AI that doesn’t deliver much in terms of testosterone, but does help with gyno, then Femara might be right for you!

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