10 tips for using anabolic steroids

10 Tips For Using Anabolic Steroids

You’re new to the steroid game, but it doesn’t mean you have to make rookie mistakes. Here are ten tips you should follow to make the best of your first foray into the world of body building steroids.

Start with testosterone
Never start steroids with some designer blend of drugs you purchased from some obscure source. Plain ol’ testosterone is all you need to get big and stay big.

Keep the doses low
The size of your first dose will limit all steroid effectiveness for the rest of your life by altering your receptors and reception ceiling. Keep that first dose at 400 mgs per week and you’ll be very happy you did that in 3 years. No higher deal?

Keep it hygienic
Many bodybuilders will develop an infection early on in their injection days. Clean everything twice with alcohol swabs and you’ll avoid a trip to the doctor with a nasty abscess! Soap and water daily to the shoot zone as well.

Buy local
Purchasing steroids from overseas companies can leave you with a confiscation notice at best, and a SWAT team at your door, at worst. Purchase from someone you know, even if it means paying a bit more money.

Look into PCT
Post-cycle therapy is essentially a small testosterone dose you run for several weeks after halting your main steroid cycle in order to help nurture your body into producing its own T once again. Without it, you can face a month with minimal to none of your own testosterone production, a very bad thing.

Keep quiet
In the beginning, you may be overwhelmed with happiness at the results you see, and eager to tell everyone you know. This is a major mistake. Every person that knows about your use of body building steroids has the power to sully your reputation at best, and turn you into authorities at worst. It’s your business. Tell no one. Not your mom, not your girlfriend. And not online, either!

Keep it separated
Never store your anabolic steroids at home. Find a creative and safe place offsite where no animals, children, coworkers, bosses, police or girlfriends will notice them.

Drink water
You are putting your body under a great deal of stress and suspense by shooting oil into your body twice each week. Water will flush out toxins from the oils, and your muscles are composed mostly of water as well.

Eat more
Your body can make more use of the protein you give it than every before. Don’t squander this opportunity. Scarf down 50 grams of protein with each meal of the day as a rule. You won’t get fat, either, your body is a furnace when on body building steroids.

Enjoy it
There are only a few time slots in your life where you will look and feel like Superman. Savor these moments of your bodybuilding cycle!

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