Anti-Estrogens – The Secret To Winning A Bodybuilding Show!

Q:В  I hear that you have to take anti-estrogens just before you step on stage in a bodybuilding show – that it’s the only way to get hard and dry. What do you suggest? I hear people saying Nolvaxyl, but a buddy of mine says no one takes it anymore. Also, can’t you just pop a Lasix and dry yourself out?

A: People certainly do take Nolvaxyl (aka Nolvadex) – all the time. However, there are some other drugs that people seem to find more effective. In recent years, Arimixyl (aka Arimidex) came out, as well as Letroxyl (aka Letrozole). It’s really more a matter of what you can get and your budget. You can get Nolvaxyl a lot cheaper than the others, because it’s been out longer. But then Nolvaxyl is not as good an anti-estrogen as Arimixyl, according to some top bodybuilders.

To get truly hard and dry, first you must learn to diet, then get your water right, and then think about chemical enhancements. It’s a several-fold process and I hesitate to say “yes, you have to take such and such to achieve this result” because then people rely on chemicals and don’t take their body as far as they can prior. Knowing your body is key. A lot of people try to play catch up taking diuretics. Lasix is the worst for bodybuilders unless it’s taken about 4 days out and then water and food is adjusted to fill the muscles without spilling over. Most people use Aldactone and Aldactazide. Aldactazide is Aldactone with a diazide diuretic added. Diazides are much milder than Lasix which is a loop diuretic – and much more harsh. Aldactone holds aldosterone levels down so that you don’t have the “stress response” of taking on water on stage. Works like a charm with any anti-e. As far as literally taking an anti-e before stepping on stage? Ummm never heard of that.

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