Exemestane For Your Post Cycle Therapy

Anytime a bodybuilder comes off a cycle, he runs a major risk of suffering from some pretty nasty side effects. The body’s levels of testosterone come crashing down, but the levels of natural estrogen production (which spikes to keep up with T-levels) remain elevated. This leads to the very unpopular side effect of gynecomastia, which leads to hard puffy growths on the chest under the nipples. They are harmless, but they look terrible for both your social life, and your bodybuilding career.

To avoid the sagging testosterone and surging estrogen levels, bodybuilders ending a real anabolic steroid cycle commonly take what is known as PCT, or post-cycle therapy. Medicines are taken to keep testosterone levels somewhat high, and slow estrogen levels. There are a wide range of these drugs, the most common being SERMs and AIs (aromatose inhibitors). Exemestane is a new AI that is being tested and the results so far are fairly interesting. Here are some of the basics on Exemestane.

Testosterone levels

Testosterone blood levels rose in the majority of male patients. This assists greatly with male bodybuilders who are coming off of a steroid cycle, who happen to be completely dependent upon artificial testosterone. If you’re just a recreational user, your body may pick right back up on its own testosterone production. However, if you have used for an extended period of time, it’s likely your body will not produce the much needed testosterone on its own.

Estrogen levels

Estrogen levels dropped in patients. This is the desired effect, of course.


Oral. No needles for this one! Oral administration does equate to more toxicity for the organs, however. Use caution when stacking this compound with other orals, including OTC NSAIDS such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen.


Both IGF and plasma lipids levels remained constant, indicating positive blood responses. This is desirable, for both health and drug testing purposes, and has little or no effect on long term health.


Exemestane is absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream. This is desirable if you’re timing your other stack and other compounds by an hourly schedule each day.


With a half-life of just under 9 hours, this drug is out of the system very quickly. This means the toxicity leaves the body in a fairly efficient manner. Other AIs with half-lives of over a day leave the body processing these agents for much longer.

Exemestane is an effective, potent AI with a very short half-life. Give it a shot if you’re searching for an AI with a short half-life, or if your favorite AIs or SERMs are out of stock or unavailable. Results may vary, but the research so far is leaving researchers very optimistic as to the benefits of this compound.

As always, thoroughly research and plan the course of action you plan to take when your steroid cycle ends. Stopping ‘cold turkey’ and allowing your testosterone levels to fall while estrogen levels spike is a surefire recipe for a whole host of problems, both to your health and to your appearance.

Exemestane Brands

Aromasin, Aromaxyl, Exedrol.

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