human chorionic gonadotropin

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a commonly misunderstand compound, and in some cases (as with women) used completely incorrectly. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding HCG.

Q: What the heck is HCG?
A: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a peptide hormone which occurs naturally in your body. It’s not a steroid. In the human body, it stimulates the growth of the testes during prenatal development. It is a drug which is finding common use in bodybuilding these days.

Q: What are the clinical uses of HCG?
A: In women, HCG is used to treat ovarian disorders and induce ovulation when it isn’t occurring naturally. In men, HCG is used as a testosterone stimulant, for males whose testes are not producing testosterone. In males, HCG sends a signal to the brain to jumpstart testosterone production, which in turn increases the size of the testicles. This is very useful in men who have stunted their testicular function due to long-term steroid use damaging the endocrine system.

Q: How is HCG useful for male athletes?
A: At the conclusion of a cycle, the testes are often not up to the task of producing testosterone yet. HCG tells them the vacation is over, and it’s time to get pumping once again! However, an AI is still advisable to use with HCG.

Q: How is HCG useful for female athletes?
A: It is not. This is a common mistake made by some female bodybuilders. They are wasting their money if they include HCG in their cycle, as they will see no muscular gains. They simply do not possess testes!

Q: How should HCG be stacked?
A: Although HCG is most commonly used at the end of a cycle to restart the testes, some bodybuilders choose to use it during a full-out AAS cycle. This is fine, as your body will enjoy the dual testosterone boost (artificial and natural). Stack it with your normal cycle.

Q: How should HCG be dosed?
A: It can be used once per week at a dose of 1500 IU and be effective. It’s even more effective at half that dose, every three days. In Post-cycle therapy (PCT) following a cycle, a smaller dose of 250 IU daily is adequate. More is not better – there is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to HCG use.

Q: How long can I use HCG for?
A: You cannot use HCG for months at a time. You don’t want to be placing your testes on overload for too long. Typically, 2-4 weeks is maximum cycle time. Follow that with a break of one month. You can use it both during AAS stacked cycles, as well as in the off-periods which follow cycles.

Q: What are the side effects of HCG?
A: Gyno is very common. Natural testosterone production may be stunted, as with any testosterone booster.

Q: What does HCG cost?
A: It may end up costing you up to $30 per week to run HCG, so it is not a cheap drug by any means. It is available in many varied doses, with an average price of $30 per 5000 IU dose.

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