Effectiveness Of Mega-dosing Anadrol

Anadrol is one anabolic steroid where the laws of diminishing returns may not apply in many levels of dosing. With many steroids, including injectable testosterone, bodybuilders regularly ignore the 400 to 600 mg recommended dosage and jump into the 800 to 1400 mg weekly dosing within 2 years of starting steroids. Their bodyweight climbs, and they run a heavy cycle which keeps the gains coming for 6 to 18 months, and suddenly they become dependent upon the heavy doses just to maintain a bodyweight in the 210 to 220 range. Anadrol is a very effective steroid – and very toxic as well. It’s certainly more toxic than plain ol’ buy US domestic testosterone with Bitcoin esters you’ll use separately or in conjunction with Anadrol.

Studies have shown that mega-dosing with Anadrol is very effective for making strength gains, but not for making gains in terms of muscle mass. A dose of 50 mg of Anadrol per day is a standard recommended dose, and will lead to significant gains in both strength and size. However, doubling the dose to 100 mg delivers a mixed bag of results. Strength gains increased almost identically to dosage levels. In other words, if 50 mg daily led to increases of 50 pounds on the bench press, then 100 mg daily led to increases of 100 pounds on the bench press.

Strength gains, in many studies, were directly related to dosage size, even at levels double the recommended dosage. Muscle gains did not follow this trend, however. The amount of raw muscle size added at 50 mg dosage was very similar to the gains made at 100 mg. In other words, they got twice as strong with twice the dose, but they didn’t get twice as big.
If you’re a powerlifter, you can make some very major gains when running higher than recommended cycles of Anadrol.

Use the information above to plan a run of Anadrol which can go up to double the recommended dose. Obviously you’ll need to limit your exposure to toxins from other compounds. Scale back your testosterone dosing, and plan a nice long break following the Anadrol use along with a good PCT schedule. Don’t abuse the Anadrol, in other words. Instead, use it heavily but don’t kill yourself with it!

If you’re a bodybuilder, you should realize that using heavy doses of Anadrol is good if your goal is to make gains in terms of strength (which is part of the foundation for making lean muscle gains), but that doubling your Anadrol dosing itself won’t deliver any more noticeable muscle gains than if you were running a normal 50 mg daily cycle. If you’re looking to mega-dose for greater results (however crazy this may be), you should consider using a gram or more of testosterone each week instead.

It should also be noted that heavy dosing of Anadrol does lead to appetite suppression, which may be a contributing factor to the lack of muscle gain. It’s very possible that the reason bodybuilders don’t make major muscle gains on heavy Anadrol dosing is that they simply aren’t eating enough.

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