everything you need to know about milotolan

Everything You Need To Know About Milotolan

Recently, a drug named Milotolan has began making its way back onto steroid lists, so it’s useful for bodybuilders to know the basics on this drug. Milotolan is a Japanese drug with very limited use due to its very low power. Dosed at 1 mg, it is a very small pill. However, some steroid users do buy it, so it’s worth discussing!

One notable side effect of Milotolan is that it actually leads to a drop in cholesterol. Aside from that, it can lead to small gains in muscle mass and strength. No quite comparable to a Deca or Testosterone cycle, gains from Milotolan alone would likely be a pound or two per month.

In terms of negative side effects, Milotolan is a member of the 17-alpha-methyl group. This means side effects such as receding hairline, accelerated male pattern baldness, and body acne do occur. Additionally, liver enzymes may increase, but they will do so at a much lower rate and number than with other oral anabolic steroids.

In terms of dosing, Milotolan can get a little bit pesky! For a 200-pound male bodybuilder will need to use 100 mg – PER DAY – to achieve gains on par with other anabolic steroids. Obviously, this is probably not going to be a feasible dose for most bodybuilders, as this drug comes in 1 mg doses. After all, who wants to take – literally – 100 pills per day? Therefore it’s not entirely a feasible drug to be used for men seeking gains on par with a Deca-Testosterone stack. However, it can fill a fine niche in your stack, working with other drugs to fill androgen gaps. If you normally use Winstrol in your stack, you can substitute Milotolan for an acceptable substitute.

Women may find Milotolan to be a desirable drug. Its side effects are practically nil in low doses (as the pill size would facilitate) and since women typically have a lower bodyweight, a dose of 25 mg per day (spaced out over 5 doses) taken with anavar or clenbuterol may be an acceptable pre-contest dose. Most women – even those competing – aren’t looking to gain 40 pound of bulk. They typically want to retain some muscle while staying very lean and feminine.

It should be noted that in no way should your steroid cycle be “Just Milotolan, baby!” Alone, it is only effective in extremely high (and cost-prohibitive) doses, and stacked, it only plays a minor role in a successful testosterone-based stack. However, for some reason, the drug is starting to make a comeback. Perhaps it is highly useful with some stack unbeknownst to this author. Or, perhaps the manufacturers found it was highly inexpensive to produce and decided to flood the market with it, in hopes of kids buying hundreds of pills to create a cycle. Hey, some people believe “more is better” and just might feel good about themselves consuming 700 pills per week!

Whatever the reason, keep an eye out for any mention of Milotolan. It’s making the steroid news once again!

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