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Seven Reasons Why You Will Love Anavar

If you have been looking for a steroid to fall in love with, you may want to look into Anavar, or Oxandrolone. Let’s check out a few of the reasons why you may love this drug and add it as a mainstay to your respectable steroid stable.

It’s an Oral

If you’re like 99% of the non-sadomasochist members of society, you don’t look forward to puncturing your tush twice per week in order to reap the benefits of steroids. Anavar is an oral steroid, which means you only have to down a few pills each day in order to enjoy greater muscle mass and strength.

You can go a full 10 weeks

The use of many other harsher oral steroids limits you to 2 to 4 weeks of their use before you need to give your liver and other organs a break. With Anavar, you don’t have this problem. You can even run the drug the full length of a testosterone cycle.

Anger is not a gift

Many steroids turn a mild-mannered man into an angry, aggressive fool. Anavar is not one of them! You’ll get leaner, harder, and stronger, but you won’t turn into a negative person that people won’t want to be around. Road rage doesn’t find a home with Anavar!

It’s great for shows

Many steroids add quick size to a bodybuilder by making him retain a great deal of water. This level of bloating doesn’t hurt the athlete much in the off-season, aside from the unfortunate occurrence of a “moon face”. However, if you’re planning on doing a show in the future, water retention is the last thing you want. Anavar keeps you lean and dry as you grow harder by the week.

Woman can use it too

Anavar is often recommended for use by women leading up to a show. It’s relatively weak compared with other steroids, and won’t deliver the dreaded effects of virilization that women fear so much, including deepening voice, new hair growth, and clitoral enlargement.

It’s fairly safe for HPTA

Your natural testosterone production is going to be impacted by any steroid that you choose to use. Anavar is a steroid that will deliver one of the smallest impacts, however. About half of Anavar users don’t require any PCT (post-cycle therapy) drugs at all. Their natural testosterone production returns on its own. Others will need a bit of time, but soon discover that only 1 to 2 weeks of Clomid or Nolvadex is more than adequate to get the testes pumping once again.

It’s great with grapefruit

There have been a number of studies done which seem to point to the possibility that grapefruit juice is useful for bringing out the positive effects of some drugs at a more intense level. Legit Anavar for sale online is one of these drugs. It hasn’t been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, but it is strongly suggested. Besides, you have nothing to lose. Grapefruit juice is very healthy on its own. If it helps to make Anavar more effective, then its all the better!

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