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A Day In The Life Of A Steroid User

Once perceived as a fortress of Bodybuilders, fitness mavericks as well as professional athletes, the uses of steroids for bodybuilding is very prevalent in the world today more than any other time in the history of the times. This has been marked as a problem that raises lots of concern because the abuse of steroids is soaring everyday and also the fact that steroid drugs and products are available easily and readily.

In our lives today, the steroid problem is widespread in all the dimensions of the society from children in schools, athletes, business professionals and fitness buffs. NIDA has estimated in its research that five hundred thousand of ten and eight graders are accessed to steroids as a huge number of senior high school students used as respondents stated that they did not see steroids as being risky in any way. In addition in the same survey, adults approached on the steroid question had around two million respondents saying they had at some time used steroids as performance enhancers. This has shown how deep rooted the steroid issue is in the life of those using them.

On the other hand, some individuals have been using dietary supplements as precursors of steroids ignoring the fact that they are exposing themselves into the world of the unknown. Dietary supplements can be found in stores of food, via the Internet as well as through the normal mail. Individuals have a strong trust on these supplements to produce steroid effects while they avoid steroid medical harmful consequences. The belief is quite dangerous since the same supplements could contain similar steroid consequences.

The short-term harmful effects of steroids used in bodybuilding have been ascertained, while the long-term harmful effects have lacked comprehensive scrutiny and thus unknown. Acute abuse of anabolic steroids has been known to cause death and very deep injuries, as users continue to be mired in the sublimes of ignorance.

The reason as to why steroids have been abused and continue to be abused is simply due to the fact that they get an advantage or competitive edge as they improve their performance physically. Apart from bodybuilders and professional athletes, other workers in occupations which require lots of physical strength such as body guards, law enforcers or even construction workers have been using steroids in an attempt to improve their performance. Steroids are also believed to increase a leaner mass of the body, add on strength and general aggressiveness.

On the other hand, steroids are also abused since they reduce bodybuilder’s work out recovery time which offers a chance of training even harder as done increases endurance and strength. Apart from bodybuilders and athletes, other individuals also use steroids in an attempt to add on endurance, strength and muscle size as well as reducing the fat within the body to enhance personal appearance.

Lots of people who have been studied on the usage of steroid medicine have led to the conclusion that males are the most susceptible to steroid usage as compared to females.

A seasoned fitness enthusiast and advocate for informed choices, our blog author brings a wealth of knowledge about anabolic steroids. Committed to providing reliable and unbiased information, the author empowers readers to navigate the complexities of these substances for educational purposes, fostering a safer and more informed fitness community.
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