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Q: I just heard about Andriol – is it true? Is it an oral testosterone that is easy on the liver?
A: The answer is yes, and yes. Andriol, made up of testosterone and undeconate ester, is a testosterone and ester wrapped in an oil capsule which is then consumed. It does not hurt the liver.

Q: Didn’t they try this years ago with methyltestosterone?
A: Yes, methyltestosterone was an oral testosterone. But it was very harsh on the liver.

Q: Fair enough. How come methyltestosterone hurts the liver and Andriol does not?
A: Andriol is an ester wrapped in castor oil. Therefore it is absorbed into the small intestine quickly, bypassing the liver on that all-important first pass.

Q: Can women take Andriol?
A: Yes, Andriol has light side effects and is therefore acceptable for women seeking an oral testosterone solution.

Q: What size dose should I take?
A: This is where we begin to see the differences in dose size, and the advantages of injectable testosterone over this oral version. A 40 mg capsule of Andriol will only contain about 25 mg of testosterone. Obviously, this isn’t much of a dose. In order to be most effective, you’d like the body to consume one of these caplets every 2 to 4 hours. This isn’t practical, but it’s the reality of using oral testosterone. It has to arrive via oil, in small doses, which are administered in a timely dosing pattern.

Q: What kind of gains can I expect from Andriol?
A: Andriol does deliver some serious muscle gains. They’re not quite on the same level as injectable testosterone, but they are acceptable. Fat loss and gains in strength are also very common. Andriol delivers the same gains you’d see with other steroids, in a slightly slower and less consistent manner. Remember, injectables deliver oil-based testosterone which releases over time. With Andriol, you effectively “shoot your load” immediately, then your body waits for the next delivery in 2 to 4 hours.

Q: What is the cost of Andriol?
A: Andriol isn’t cheap. Doses run about 5 times more expensive than standard needle-injectable steroids. It’s the price you pay for dodging the needle!

Q: What are my realistic gains with Andriol?
A: It’s likely that using an Andriol-only cycle for 12 weeks, one could gain 5 to 10 pounds of muscle. The 5 pound estimate is a conservative one. The 10-pound estimated gain would apply to those users who are trying steroids for the first time.

Q: Is Andriol right for me?
A: It all depends on your goals and tolerances. If you wish to be a competitive bodybuilder, it’s very obvious you’re going to need to bite the bullet and use injectables. If you are just seeking a small boost, then Andriol may be adequate for you. Remember that all the rules of post-cycle therapy still apply to Andriol use. Treat it like you would any other steroids, cognizant of its limited gain potential as well as costly price tag. But, if you dislike needles and seek moderate gains, Andriol may be right for you!

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