steroids and anti depressants

Obviously anabolic steroids use has an impact on hormone levels in the body, which in turn may result in a change in one’s general mood. Often we might see very aggressive behavior. But for some steroids users there is also a manifestation of the other extreme side, depression. This phenomenon can occur in certain individuals, whom are psychologically sensitive to an imbalance in androgen and estrogen levels. This is most common with male bodybuilders, at times when anabolic/androgenic steroids use is discontinued. With a deeply suppressed endogenous testosterone level, it may take time for one’s standard hormonal balance to return. During this period, estrogen levels may be steadier than testosterone, as human bodies can produce it from adrenal hormones. The result may be a protracted window of time where estrogen seems to be the more dominant sex hormone.

Depression may also occur during the course of a steroid cycle, mainly with the sole use of anabolics. Even if these compounds are mild in comparison to androgens, many can still restrain the endogenous production of testosterone. If the testosterone level drops drastically during treatment, the administered anabolics may not supply enough of an androgen level to compensate, and a marked loss of motivation and sense of comfort may result. The best advice when looking to evade cycle or post-cycle depression is to closely monitor drug intake and withdrawal. The use of a small weekly testosterone dose might prove very effective if added to a mild dieting/anabolic cycle, guarding the feelings of boredom and apathy to training. Of course a strong steroid cycle should always be discontinued with the proper use of ancillary drugs (Nolvadex, Arimidex, HCG, Clomid etc.).

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