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HCG – The Natural Hormone To Help Produce Testosterone

The Human Chorionical Gonadotropin or HCG in short does not occur as an anabolic steroid, though as a natural hormone that does develop within a pregnant woman’s placenta. HCG is widely used alongside androgenic steroids after or during the treatment. As aforementioned, most injectable and oral steroids have been known to cause lots of negative feedback mostly after specific levels and certain durations of steroid usage. Because the exogenous HCG contains traits that are almost similar and identical to the traits of the hormone LH, it however makes the HCG of absolute interest on athletes.

Within the body of males the LH starts the stimulation of the cells of the leydig within the testes, which then stimulates the production in total of testosterone. Due to this reason, many athletes end up using injectable HCG so that they could be able to increase all the levels of testosterone production. After nidation within the placenta, HCG is then formed. HCG has luteinizing traits because it is very similar to the LH or the luteinizing hormone, which is found within the anterior part of the pituitary gland. In the initial 4-10 weeks characterizing a pregnancy, HCG that has already been formed then allows a continued formation of the hormone estrogen as well as gestagen within the corpi-luteum or yellow bodies.

After this the placenta is then able to produce the two hormones. В HCG is produced from a pregnant female’s urine as it is excreted within its natural form, being derived from the blood through the female’s urine and passing well via the kidneys. HCG that is available commercially is sold more as a very dry substance, which could be used, by both women and men. In females, HCG, which is in an injectable form, does allow ovulation because of its influence on the last stages of ovum development, which then stimulates ovulation. This continues to aid the production of estrogen as well as some of the corpi-luteum. What happens is that a signal is usually sent all the way to the testicular axis in the hypothalamo-hypophysial mostly due to the reason that the steroids offer the hypothalamus wrong decisive signals.

The hypothalamus then sends a signal to the hypo-physis for it to reduce and end the natural production of the follicle stimulating hormone plus the LH. Hence, the production of testosterone decreases because the leydig cells which testosterone produces do produce within the testes are never stimulated sufficiently. As the body is usually in need of a specific amount of time for it to commence the production of testosterone, a bodybuilder after stoppage of steroid intake, goes through a hard transitional phase that usually goes together with a specific loss in terms of muscle mass and muscle strength.

The administration of HCG, which is done directly as well as immediately after the treatment of steroid, aids in the reduction of the condition as HCG happens to increase the production of testosterone within the testes quite fast and overtly reliable. In addition, HCG could check cases of reduced libido plus overt spermatogenesis effectively.

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