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So you’ve just run your first cycle, and you loved everything about it. Sure, the side effects were a little harsh at times, but the muscle you gained was just incredible. You feel, and look, like a brand new man. You are stronger, leaner, and your stamina is through the roof. You can’t wait to start enjoying the benefits of your new physique by spending some time with the fairer gender. However, you have suddenly developed a problem that may be a little bit embarrassing to talk about. You can no longer “get it up”. You cannot maintain an erection. It’s time to panic, right?

No, it’s not time to panic. It is time to kick yourself for not researching “PCT”, or post-cycle therapy, before beginning your cycle. Had you done your homework instead of just diving into a cycle, you would have realized that immediately after your cycle, your body is going to be in a state of hormonal panic. You halted your own body’s natural testosterone production the minute you injected oil containing artificial testosterone. Your brain very quickly sensed this new, insanely high level of the chemical, and gave your testes a message to halt production. They listened, and as a result of their non-use they shriveled down in quite the unflattering manner. Worse than simply visually, they also stopped producing the sperm cells you are so proud of, and took your ability to achieve an erection naturally with them.

All is not lost, but you are going to have to work to re-start your stalled testosterone production, and return your sperm count to a respectable (and useful!) level. The first thing you will need to do is purchase Clomid. This synthetic estrogen is available via mail order or through your doctor, and can help you out of this mess. Following your cycle, your testosterone will be floored and your estrogen will skyrocket. Authentic Dragon Pharma Clomid for sale will help to lower the estrogen while restarting natural testosterone production in your body.

Clomid should be administered at the exact point a steroid loses its active life in the body. For users of injectable testosterone of the long-lasting ester variety, the first oral Clomid administration should take place approximately two weeks after your last show. Faster esters such as propionate should see a Clomid cycle begin just three days after the final cycle shot. If you are using testosterone suspension, the water variety of T, you will want to begin Clomid use just four hours after your last injection. Winstrol users should start Clomid about 12 hours after their last shot or tablet.

Clomid’s cycle should last 3 to 4 weeks, until your natural testosterone production has been restored. If it doesn’t come back in 6 weeks, consult your doctor for further assistance. The longer you stay on cycle, the harder it will be to restart your HPTA function with Clomid. That is why ideal cycles are only 10 to 12 weeks long. Buy Clomid when you buy your AAS and never end a cycle without it!

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