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26 Thoughts on “ Reviews

  1. dynaglide73 on October 18, 2017 at 12:54 PM said:

    Amazing source! I have not had to order anything for about ten years and all of the sudden, both of my local sources are gone! One is unexplained and the other– a true dummy– is in jail from a DUI and a duffle bag of gear… So, I had to get online and inboard quickly to make-up for ten years of living in a bubble. Thank goodness I google source reviews and came here as a jumping off point. I emailed a lot of vendors and Roids-Shop had the best communication–friendly, informative and a simple shopping procedure! Out of the four vendors I bought from, Roids-Shop is, by far, the best source! He gave me a time frame and made it happen before the end of that time frame! Literally, said it was shipping and it was there in two weeks! Roids-Shop is no joke and, so far, the best source for US that I have found–hands down! The only time I plan on using anyone else is if I need something they don’t carry! Their product is quality and affordable! Great source and my highest recommendation!

    So far, products are working well! Hands numb and swollen/sore in the morning, hungry, tired, sleeping better! I’ve done enough to tell if it is legit or not. It’s legit!

    Give a try and you will not be disappointed! You will be pleasantly surprised! Next order, some AAS! I will update and review again! Thanks to for coming through for me in a pinch!

  2. whatthefuz on October 23, 2017 at 2:34 PM said:

    First time trying this source, and it was great. Very quick delivery, quick email responses and good selection.

    Very discreet and very quick shipping. I didn’t realize what it was at first as I wasn’t expecting it so quickly.

    I have ordered:

    Aquatest (balkan)

    Test prop (kalpa)

    Tren Ace (kalpa)

    Very high quality, no PIP on any. Ran the prop/ace as an extension of a cycle of another sites goods.

    Was all great quality, the prop/ace ran together (I added this to the end of another cycle) and I continued having great gains. Aquatest gave me that extra oomph I wanted on heavy workout days. It’s my new favorite preworkout!

  3. anavarseeker on November 6, 2017 at 11:27 AM said:

    This was my first time ever buying anabolics, period. I was apprehensive and wanted to find a site with positive reviews. I sent out a bunch of tickets to site owners and Roids-Shop was the first to respond POLITELY. I went with Roids-Shop and couldn’t be happier. Cheers, man. You really know what customer service is. I sincerely hope somebody reads this and gives you their business, as you deserve it in every way. -AS

    Take a wild guess…Anavar! Specifically Oxandroxyl.

    I have yet to try it but I have no doubts it is legitimate.

  4. ray3801 on December 11, 2017 at 4:25 PM said:

    Well I ordered from Roids-Shop back in late September. I ordered HCG and a 10ml jug of Test E/C. This was my first order with him so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The ordering process was simple and I received emails every step of the way. The packaging was very discrete and firmly wrapped with all items accounted for. The Test E/C did give me a fair amount of PIP, more so in my glutes for some strange reason…..thighs and delta were no problem at all. I noticed a considerable gain in libido, oily face, and just felt great overall. I recommend this guy to anyone not allergic to EO gear. I must say I’m sad to reach the bottom of the bottle. I wil be ordering again.

  5. jerryinreallife on December 18, 2017 at 3:48 PM said:

    Good communication throughout. Have used Tren A, Test P, Mast P, and Dbol as a cut stack all with great results. Leaner, stronger. I have also used their Arimidex. DP products are seriously top notch.

    Cut stack of the Tren A (50 mg/day), Test P (50 mg/day), Mast P (50 mg/day). Plan to use for 12 weeks, currently on week 9

  6. Ajax 42 on January 2, 2018 at 12:14 PM said:

    I was lucky enough to get in on Roids-Shop’s awesome promo and got a bottle of Kalpa’s Masteron Propionate.

    T/A was 14 days…. 14 freaking days!!! package was safe and sound and a mack truck couldn’t break it if it ran it over.

    I added the Masteron on week 9 of a twelve week test cyp cycle. I pinned every other day and after the first week I could tell a difference in pumps, muscle looks, and a hardness to them. pinned very smooth and I have to say that it would be worth adding to a cycle before a show or beach vacation. very good product.

  7. Nolad23 on January 9, 2018 at 11:51 AM said:

    Pleasure doing business with Roids-Shop. Products are spot on and high quality. Using SuperTest 450 for HRT and a EQ for a nice blast. Strength up, looking big and lean, and girlfriend enjoying the daily punishment

    Emails always promptly returned, fixed a small hiccup in order without questions asked.

    Fast shipping, discreetly packaged, and without damage.

    750mg of both Supertest and EQ 500 weekly. PIP is a bitch but should be expected with such high mg/ml. Quality and strengths of products are spot on, best I’ve used from an UG lab.

    Have recommended Roids-Shop to a few fellow local gym rats and they’re all loving his gear as well. Nice to finally have a reliable source that understands the importance of customer service.

  8. simon.simon3 on January 15, 2018 at 1:35 PM said:

    Part of pct ordered from these guys clomid clomiphine citrate

    Got my answers in good time frame. Was helpfull to advice how best to run pct

    It came with 14 days after payment send. Very well packed

    I was using this clomid together with hcg pregnyl I got from other source. First week 100mg per day

    2nd week 100m per day

    3 and 4th week 50mg per day Pregnyl

    I done total 15 000iu first day 1000iu am and 1000iu pm then 1000per day Clomid done what it should. Kicked in same day. Had low test after tren and test cycle. This pct helped me to get back on track

  9. I have used a few times now. always good results with their products.

    after several packages, never a problem. Nicely wrapped and discreet.

    50 tabs of Strombafort 10mg by Balkan Pharmaceuticals 20 tabs of Turanabol 10mg by Balkan Pharmaceuticals

    I have only used the danabol so far. in a few more weeks I will be starting the Strombafort. The Danabol has always worked wonders, great size and strength gains come quick on this stuff. you fill out nicely.

  10. MonsterZ on January 29, 2018 at 3:15 PM said:

    I just finished using SP labs trenbolone purchased from I’ve had a very good experience with them.

    I contacted their sales team at the beginning and my emails were answered not later than 24 hours.

    This was my first order from and everything went good. I did not have to worry about anything. Paid the money and in 2 days they collected and with in few days package was shipped.

    SP labs trenbolone acetate

    This trenbolone is on par. A lot of aggression and strength and a lot of sweating. This trenbolone had all the traits I’ve noticed before. I injected 1 ml ed Monday to Friday. A strange taste in my mouth after pinning. It brought me a vascular with the addition of some veins. I didn’t want to be too dry or flat but something solid muscle with density and size.

    SP labs trenbolone is strong.

  11. gregc1473 on February 5, 2018 at 1:23 PM said:

    This is a review for kalpa pharma Masteron from roids-shop

    communication was first class, kept in touch with emails and answered any questions i had about my order on the same day

    packaging was discreet

    Ive been using for 3 weeks now along with test prop, 200mg test prop per week and 200 mg of masteron per week. Already seeing gains, the masteron is really drying my physique out, I’m seeing changes daily and have put on around 5-6 lbs already. changes are quite dramatic, vascularity is getting better every day, and strength in the gym is going up weekly. i would definitely recommend.

    I would recommend and will order again.

  12. blacktavern on February 12, 2018 at 4:22 PM said:

    Ordered using bitcoins. It was an insta-payment – I really recommend using BITCOINS!! If you don’t know how to use bitcoins, LEARN IT!! It’s anonymous and instant.

    I think this is one of the best features of roids-shop, they communicate well and answers all my messages.

    I’ve been using Kalpa Test E and Dbol for a week. I feel different (in a good way). Definitely feel stronger and more active!!

    Definitely recommend Roids-Shop!! No problems. Having a great first cycle!!

  13. quick89 on March 19, 2018 at 2:59 PM said:

    Great customer service, Great gear, Fast delivery time, great price, and very professional.

    2 orders from roids-shop thus far and both have been stellar, it gets there when it is supposed to. Very fast, and kept up communication throughout.

    Kick started with Kalpa’s prop, felt great. I’m a little under halfway finished with my 10 week cycle, 500 mg a week Test E, and I’ve gained 15 pounds. Crazy strength gains, CRAZY libido, and I constantly sweat which is crazy. Minimal pip, nothing too bad. I feel like superman, great gear.

    Great source, would recommend to anyone and everyone. Pleasant experience overall.

  14. Rockdom on March 26, 2018 at 12:58 PM said:

    This is for balkan clen and SP viagra

    Didn’t have any issues but seemed on point with others issues

    T/A within posted

    Been on the clen for 2 weeks and very potent. Shaking like usual

    Viagra is on point

    Great source

  15. Got in on t3 PROMO

    very speedy

    8 days including weekend

    Top shelf tiromel

  16. Detroitnate on May 21, 2018 at 12:24 PM said:

    I got offered some samples a few weeks ago package came really fast and nice and tight. I got deca test e clen hcg and dbol

    I been on the hcg and clen for 2 weeks and and so fair so good. With the hcg my balls are back to normal and that is always a good sign of good hcg. With the clen I get all my normal sides real shaky hot and dropping body fat. After using a couple things from this source I can say from my experience his customer service and product stack up with the top sources I have used. I will review his oils my next cycle when I use them

  17. newoldguy on June 20, 2018 at 10:45 AM said:

    Great source without any headaches at all a real pleasure to do business with. I will continue to utilize her services.

    The website site was easy to use and no issues occurred through the ordering process. Instructions were simple and easy to understand.

    From the time money was sent to arrival was 7 days. The items were packaged securely and the packaging was discreet. It would be hard to identify it as anything but routine mail.

    I apologize in advance as I have no labs to post so my review will be based solely on my individual experience while on cycle. I’m in week 6 of a 12 week run and the stuff is fire!!. I have all the traditional side effects ie..increased aggression, sex drive, testicular atrophy, night sweats, tren cough. I am even fighting a case of gyno.(Controlled) The last week things have really been turning on I have been making substantial gains in all my lifts my physique is looking good with many compliments. Its always a great feeling when you see results. I will be looking forward to post the final results at the end of cycle in the discussion forums. Doses are

    Tren ace 100mg eod

    Sust 250 wks 1-5 at 500 remainder at 750.

    Injections were smooth and painless regardless of site never had any PIP nor did i have to add any GSO to cover up solvent burn. The Vials were labeled in a professional manner no stupid pics just traditional labeling which is much appreciated.

    Have no fear the Roids Shop is professional and discreet delivers what is asked and never once was I ever concerned on the outcome. So if this post is not enough info please feel free to PM me.

    I will continue to use Roids Shop as a supplier in the future and will recommend them as a legitimate source here on

  18. D_III on June 25, 2018 at 4:26 PM said:

    I have been using Kalpa oils for 7 weeks, I ordered the beginners cycle and it is great! This was my first experience with prop and wow, that stuff was intense increased BP, libido and recovery. Around end of week 3 I finished the prop, however the test-e had kicked in nicely. I am up 12lbs, and not holding as much water as I expected. But that is of course because of diet. This is a fantastic source they will help customers and really makes you feel that your valued as a customer.

  19. Umehars on July 9, 2018 at 2:06 PM said:

    Just getting the word out there once again.

    Top notch. Replied to queries though the process was pretty self explanatory

    Discreet and well protected and sealed

    KP Dbol

    KP Test E

    Good stuff, works exactly as expected. Have lots of experience using products reviewed so know what to expect.

  20. rageracing on July 16, 2018 at 3:09 PM said:

    Communication is quick and professional. Questions are answered in a timely manner.

    TA is on point for an international source. Packaging is good and safe. No chance of breakage imho

    Oil looks clean and clear. Vials are crimped nicely and are filled evenly. I have been using TEST SUSP 1ml preworkout 3 days a week. I pin about 1hr before i lift and by the time im warmed up it game on!! The strength and muscle endurance are very noticeable. The pumps are literaly skin splitting and i sweat like im on tren…lol. I get ZERO pip from this compound and it flows right through a 27g pin.

  21. So I been on kalpas gear from roids-shop for 3 weeks. Started with test p 100 and test cyp 250. Test p EOD for two weeks and cup E3d. First few days were awesome then I believe I started to have a estrogen problem start some adex and everything went how it should. Now the prop gave me some wicked pip but I do believe it was due to my first time running this compound. The cyp been awsome hardly any pip if any. I been getting very awkward erection just from the wind hitting me. I would say if you haven’t tried the nectar from this source you should.

    The communication was awesome with roids-shop. He answered every question I had of have in a timely manner. Very professional and modest.

    Packaging was great. Very neat and secure. T/A was also good.

    Quality is up there with other products I used. Test prop for first two weeks as kicker EOD, test cyp for 10 weeks e3d. One my 3 rd week of test cyp.

  22. chino6017 on August 30, 2018 at 7:37 AM said:

    Hello everyone just letting you know my order took 7 days to the west side of the U.S. Roids-Shop packaging was discreet and firmly packaged well. I picked up some of the clen and deca. Going to start the clen today. I have heard great things about it so far. Also Kalpa pharma deca looks gtg and will be starting soon. is professional and gets back to customers fast. Will be ordering again for sure!!

  23. elvis7uk on September 13, 2018 at 9:46 AM said:

    First time using these guys, very friendly, i got 10ml of kalpa cutaxyl 150, to try out,hey even emailed me to ask how the product was workin which is alwaysa good thing from a source i think

    Was my first time using kalpa lab, the product it self looks great, the oil smooth nice golden tint to it, pins beautifully no pip at all just flows nicley outta the pin, weres before ive had problems pinning were the oil wouldnt come out the pin took ages lol altho ive only used 10ml i feel i got a good feel off the product i had been usin test prob just before i started the cutaxyl so the prop in the cutaxyl took affect straght away the tren ace was roughly a week later had all the night sweat, even sweated like a bitch at work no tren cough which was good,the Drostanlone prop is a nice touch i always had low body fat so could see me muscles had hardend up nicley by the end off the bottle, got some great pumps at the gym while using the gear and me veins were popn out of me in me arms and the top of my left shoulder loved it, i pinned 1ml eod

    Have to say i loved the kalpa cutaxyl will def be tryin more from this lab first time using the lab and was impressed buy this product, and was first time with this source, and will def be using them again i liked the way they kept intouch with me if your thinking off using the source you should

  24. fahrenheit18 on September 19, 2018 at 3:15 PM said:

    Great service! They are very friendly and helpful. They will provide you information throughout the whole process. I received all the items in a very discreet package and they are all in great quality. I recommend them strongly!

  25. CUSwole on November 14, 2018 at 1:27 PM said:

    This is an overall review for

    This is one of many sites that I have ordered from, and this by far has the greatest customer service. They always respond to emails within a day, and I have never had no response. They fix any issues that should arise, and often give free products or great discounts especially if you are a regular orderer.

    The products are all tightly wrapped and protected, and I have never had an issue with damaged products. The packing is very discreet, and I have ordered over ten packages with only one seizure, and I received a free reship without a problem. I highly recommend someone order here if they are worried about not receiving their package.

    I have ordered Test, Deca, EQ, Tren, Arimidex, Nolvadex, Caber, HCG, Accutane, Dbol.

    All of the products are high quality. Most of the ancillary compounds are pharmaceutical grade and highly effective. The test I have run up to 750 mg a week with amazing results, and in under three years I have put on about 45 pounds of muscle that I have kept. I have blasted and PCT many times, but recently I have decided to cruise with low dose test and the prices here are amazing to make this not an issue at all. I have seen tremendous strength and size from all compounds, especially the Deca and Dbol and I have no complaints at all.

    I highly recommend this source for its great prices, amazing selection, and even better customer service, and for anyone looking for a guarantee, they should look no further.

  26. Great seller. Quick, easy to deal with and great service and prices. Will be ordering again – as soon as I get paid. Overall someone I am going to be recommending in the gym. Only improvement that can be made is possibly have a larger number of products – but then I’m being picky.

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