Don’t Succumb To The Misery Of Steroid Abuse

Steroids have the power to the change the way in which the human body operates in so many ways that one would be surprised at the complexity with which growth can take place. It remains to be seen what lies ahead in the science of steroids and their role as synthetic supplements. Although they are indispensable in modern medicine, their use outside this area is the most worrying thing. The adverse effects seen so far confirm these fears. As if this is not enough the modern world has made them into fashionable wonder stuff everyone needs to have that nod of approval as far as looks are concerned.

If you use them, they will go straight into your head and clog your limbic system and you will no longer the full control of your emotions and tempers and mood. This sounds like a license to susceptibility to violence, depression and suicidal tendencies. When you are in this state of mind learning is affected and this may be reflected in high dropout rate among juvenile users. On the physical front, you will notice hair falling off your head, triggering early baldness something which all the young will agree is not very pleasant. The quest for the largest muscles in town can drive you into trying out on steroids. Beware this is easy but the negative effects may make you live to regret it.

For all the teens out there, it is only appropriate that you stay on high alert because indulgence in these things called steroids could affect your physical growth and leave you a stunted figure in the middle of misery. Your body’s masculinity is governed by steroids. By taking the wrong ones and in the wrong doses, the wrong signals are sent to the metabolic and growth mechanisms leading to deformities, undesirable traits and even mix-up in characteristics relating to gender. Mammary glands may grow in men while women may have beards to show for their use of steroids, in addition to the lean body they are after.

On the side of reproductive health for men, the testicles will most likely shrink as your packs develop. To me it is worse to live with shrunken testicles than having nothing to show in the muscle building department. My route would be painful because I would do the legitimate thing which is lifting those weights and eating the appropriate bodybuilding diet. In this way there is little to lose. The energy that I use will surely be back with me in form of better, well-developed muscles. What’s more, my testicles will not shrink and my sperm count will be way above the minimum requirement. Girls have not been spared this agony. Masculinity is the preserve of men, but these days, courtesy of steroid overuse, women too are not only becoming masculine, their voices are also deepening, and none of them is proud if it! They cannot be proud of it when all that their breasts are doing is shrinking as if menopause caught up with them 20 plus years ago.

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