Clostebol: The Safest Testosterone Steroid Available Today?

Clostebol, or Megagrisevit Mono, is a drug that isn’t widely available on the market today. However, it does fill a unique niche as a standard testosterone steroid with a minor adjustment at the molecular level which prevents the steroid from interacting with enzymes in the body – or becoming too powerful. The result was all of the positive side effects of testosterone use – including muscle and strength gain – with a highly reduced occurrence of the negative side effects such as Gynecomastia, hair loss, acne and bloating. As a result, you shouldn’t be surprised to see some form of this drug re-emerge in the coming months and years. Some firms in Germany still produce this drug in various formats, but in terms of huge worldwide distribution, we haven’t seen it in several years. Without a very public re-emergence of the drug, it’s a safe bet that any Clostebol you do see turn up will likely be counterfeit. This is more of a “keep asking your manufacturer to bring this back!” kind of drug.

Clostebol was available as a Transdermal gel, but more effectively administered orally or via injection. Available dosing was either in 1.5 ml vial or 15 mg tablets, sold by the 100 batch. The price was reasonable, and the effect of having elevated testosterone with the side effects was very nice. However, the testosterone elevation that was seen was understandably weaker. After all, we all know that we can gauge the effectiveness of any steroid by how strong its side effects are. The nullification of the potential for side effects also resulted in a reduced capacity for muscle and strength gains. In other words, it was probably akin to running a small cycle of 100 mg testosterone per week. Obviously, it will help to some degree, as 100 mg of weekly testosterone is better than the 15 mg your body is probably producing right now. However, if your goal is to look like a competitive bodybuilder and carry more than 200 lean pounds on your frame, then 100 mg weekly is not going to get the job done. Men are running 10 to 20 times that in the top national and professional ranks, on a weekly basis. Your goals will determine if Clostebol is the right drug for you. As more and more men reach their 40s and 50s and begin to experienced reduced testosterone levels (and the accompanied lack of sexual performance and interested), the future will no doubt deliver more solutions along the lines of Clostebol. More and more men are demanding a solution to low T levels, and the many enjoyments that life offers are leading to men being less active, which is further stifling natural production.

If you are able to locate legitimate Clostebol, use it as part of a solid stack. Orally, it can help to kickstart a good 12 week testosterone injectable run. Alone, it might be more of a Winstrol-like solution. At any rate, it will raise T levels somewhat, so its usefulness cannot be ignored.

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