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The Importance Of Getting Blood Test Between Steroid Cycles

Q: Why should you have blood tests in between cycles? If you are doing AAS anyway, what is a result going to tell you once the damage is done?

A: Good question, though it tells me that you are new to the game. Still, everyone should understand why they are doing what they do. Blood tests give us a measuring stick of what’s going on in our bodies before, during and after an AAS cycle. Make SURE that you get a baseline blood test with all readings that establish a normal range for you when you are NOT on steroids. That means, ideally, before you ever start. We are chemically different people on a daily basis – no two days are the same. But at a point of normal and healthy, we should fall within a range that we can measure against other ranges should we fall outside those. Even if you come up with a troublesome test, you can do something to alter the course of those results, re-test, and then see how your remedies are working.

For instance, if you are reading sky high on LDL cholesterol – the bad kind of cholesterol – you can alter that through diet and through lowering amounts of AAS doses or getting off a cycle altogether. So if in the midst of a long cycle you test out at 160mg/ dl + you know that you are in trouble and are potentially putting your heart and circulatory system at risk. However, if you remedy the situation by transitioning out of a cycle, eating less fat and cholesterol, etc., and you test lower in those readings next time, you’ll know that those remedies worked and you’re within a range you don’t have to worry about health problems.

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