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Learn How To Use Steroids The Right Way

If you are wondering where to start in dealing with steroids, perhaps you can begin by gaining an understanding of what steroids are in the first place. They are a form of synthetic testosterone, which is the male sex hormone. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for strength, muscle size and sex drive in a man. You must have guessed right that when you take steroids then, you can expect an increase in all three.

Steroids should only be taken by persons above the age of 21. This is because if taken at a tender age (below 21), they can affect growth by closing the growth plates prematurely. Children who are introduced to steroids early in life do not attain their full height. They also tend to have a smaller structure than is normal.

One’s training experience is also very important. You must have maintained a certain training regime and adopted a certain diet before considering the intake of steroids. It is also important to undergo specific blood tests before starting any steroid cycle.

This provides important baseline readings that can be used to gauge your health in a before-and-after-sort-of-analysis. These medical tests are also very vital in discovering medical conditions that were previously unknown and which could increase health risk if you take steroids.

Some health conditions which can be aggravated by steroid use are high blood pressure, liver and heart problems. You should also understand how taking steroids can affect you. This means understanding all the side effects involved. The most common side effects are a flare up of acne, which worsens in people who already had problems with acne before, water retention, enlargement of the heart, jaundice, cancer, kidney problems, premature balding, mood swings, depression and aggressive behavior.

The effects are positive when steroids are used correctly. They can help build muscles and burn fat, prevent osteoporosis and some forms of anemia. Physicians can also prescribe them for some types of breast cancers, hereditary angioedema and endometriosis.

Doctors recommend an intake of between 1 and 5 mg per day. Anything beyond that is considered harmful for the body. However, steroid users take them mainly in cycles, which last between 6 and 12 weeks. The dosage varies depending on the types of steroids used in each cycle, but is usually 50 mg of Stanozolol daily, 500 mg of testosterone per week and 25 mg per day of genuine Dianabol by Dragon Pharma.

You can take steroids orally or intramuscularly. Those intended for oral use are available in the form of a tablet.

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