hands falling asleep

Q: I don’t know what’s going on, but my hands are falling asleep, both in bed and also in the gym, of all things. It’s been really happening for the past 2-3 weeks only, but it’s worrying me. I am on a big cycle right now, and I’m wondering if I am going into stroke mode?

A: Well, being on a big cycle could be a cause. After all, total body edema is not uncommon on what you describe as a big cycle. And if you are not eating ideally while using drugs like D-bol, Test, and Sustanon, or any big combo such as this, you run the risk of extremity swelling. Excess water can press on capillaries and veins that lead into the hand through the wrist, and constrict the blood’s ability to flow and feed those areas. Typically, when something falls asleep, it’s because something is pressing on its blood flow and restricting it. Tight areas can also be caused by the beginning of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) – particularly in the wrists and hands. Compressed neuropathy at the volar (under part) of the wrist joint affects the median nerve and causes the thumb, index finger and middle fingers, as well as the palm of the hand, to fall asleep. So if your problem is carpal tunnel, or you suspect that you have some repetitive injury issues (the causes of carpal tunnel) if, for instance, you work on computers or rest your wrists on a desk all day long, then you should go get them diagnosed properly and go through the necessary surgery. If it’s just generalized edema and it affects the smaller joints of the body, causing tingling and a lack of circulation, then try some estrogen blockers, diuretics or aromatase inhibitors.

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