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Q: I’m looking for cycle help. I have some good ingredients, but do not know how to combine them meaningfully. I have Clen, T-Bol, GH, and IGF. How can I work these into a cycle that will give me a lot of growth? By the way, I’m 6′/ 200lbs/ 18-20% BF. Can you also suggest some other good cycles?

A: Thanks for those stats, guy. You can run the GH at 4iu ED (2iu in the AM/ 2iu in PM) for 5 days on/ 2 days off. I’d do this for at least 6-8 weeks. But if you can go for a few months on GH, you can totally get shredded and add a lot more size. IGF (LR3 is best) can run between 4-6 weeks at around 50-75mcg.

I would start with 50mcg and see if it’s enough. You can start by running the Clen for 4 weeks straight, and then going to a 2-week on/ 2 week off cycle.

Dose for that kind of fat loss and plan is about 60-100 mcg of Clen. T-Bol should be run around 50mg ED for 4 weeks followed by about the same amount of time off. Another good combination is:

Test 500 mg / weekly – 12 weeks
EQ 400-600 mg / weekly – 12 weeks
Tren 75-100 mg / ED – 6 weeks
Winstrol 50 mg / ED – 6 weeks
Proviron 25-50 mg / ED – 12 weeks throughout

That’s more a growth cycle than a fat burning/ growth cycle. Your body fat needs to come down first so do the first cycle and then possibly follow up with the one above. Another way is to do a small cycle of non-AS first, in combination with a good diet and a lot of cardio: Clen + Benadryl for 2 weeks. Then, T-Bol (80 mcgs) + EQ 600 mg/ Weekly – 8 weeks + Anavar 50-100mg/ Daily – 8 weeks; to stave off hunger and cut + Winstrol 50mg/ EOD – last 6 weeks.

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