trenbolone or test

Q:  About 6 weeks ago, I bought some Tren because I’d heard so many people say it was great over the years. I’m just not feeling it and think I like Test better. Does my body just not like it or what?

A: Well, you didn’t say much about what you were experiencing. But if it’s hardly anything, then it’s probably fake. Tren, you see, is about 4 times as potent at testosterone and you should definitely be feeling it after 6 weeks. You could be dosing lightly, which means you’re just barely hitting anything and burning our your receptors – which isn’t the point. But most guys will say that even small doses are amazing – like nothing they’ve ever had. You could also have fake stuff, but then again, it’s so cheap to make and buy, I don’t know why people bother with knocking it off. But, some guys will do anything to make a fast buck. Try combining 200 to 400mg Tren Ace EW, with 75mg EOD of Test and an oral like D-bol or Anavar. Or you can do all injectables with Tren Ace, Test and Winstrol. You’ll definitely like either cycle. Strength will be high and body fat and water retention will be low.  Remember, you use Tren to enhance a Test cycle, not independently of one another.

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