Q: What are the best GH brands and types? I am considering buying some and I just don’t know what to get. You can’t make heads or tails out of this question on any of the boards, because everyone has a favorite and swears by it. What’s the good word on hgh genshi, genotropin, fitropin and blue tops?

A: HGH GenShi out of Japan is about the best you can get. Genotropin is probably a second choice. The main things you want to know about GH is whether it’s legit, and also whether it’s 191aa. Fitropin is 192aa and not a standard GH – stay away from that. There are different GH substances out there and the 191 amino acid profile is the only choice. 192 aa just isn’t as pure, has more sides and is not a good choice. Know what you are choosing before you take it. The blue tops, some say, are 192aa and not a good choice. But they are marketed as 191aa and so unless you did a test, it would be hard to prove otherwise. Stick with the brand names though because you don’t have as many sides, like welts and such.

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