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The use of anabolic steroid is very common in our society today. The commonly known anabolic steroid is the analogue of testosterone produced naturally by the testis of male, and ovaries of the female and also the adrenal cortex of the brain though in a small amount.

This hormone takes part in the growth into maturity and in the adult it helps in increasing spermatogenesis and hair growth, which are all signs of maturity. They also cause an increase in protein synthesis, increase of appetite, stimulation of bone growth and remodeling. By increasing bone marrow action they increase red blood cell production.

Anabolic steroids also stimulate muscle formation by increasing muscle cells and thereby increasing the size of skeletal muscles which brings about the increased strength.

In the fetus it is known that androgen has some effect in the growth of the penis of male children and clitoris in females. And during puberty this hormone is responsible for the production of sebaceous gland oil, increasing the size of the vocal cord. By this there is deepened voice in males. Steroids Increase the stimulation of hair growth especially hairs of the pubic region, chest, legs and facial beard. This hormone when in excess also cause increased libido.

People use anabolic steroids for quite a different number of reasons. And they feel justified by them. But the side effects of steroids in these cases are overlooked. With caution thrown to the wind the abuse of steroids will not be avoided especially when you fixed your actions on the temporary benefit it seem to offer you.

The use of steroids is seen medically and in a diseased condition, steroid is one drug that best serves as a treatment and not for cosmetic effect. This effect can be achieved but the side effects of steroids are too detrimental to be discarded. Doctors use this drug for different diseases; they include the use of steroids in treatment of allergy, hormone replacement therapy for androgen. Steroids are also in good use by the doctors in cases of low sperm count.

Presently the use of steroids has been abused by many and this leads to severe conditions that were not hoped for.

Side effects of steroids affect the normal hormonal system and in men it leads to gynecomastia. Gynnecomastia is feminization of breast in men which is as a result of steroids abuse. This happens as a result of the excess testosterone being converted to estrogen by aromatization. The excess estrogen now present will act on the receptors of breast tissue and bind to them causing a prominent growth of the tissue. This medical situation is often treated surgically. In some other men it causes itching in breast, and later pain. Feminization in men and muscularization in women is obviously a social disturbance. Testicular atrophy and reduced sperm production is also a side effect of steroids. These side effects of steroids don’t only affect men but also women. steroids in women cause muscular characteristics to develop, which are leanness of muscle and increased strength of the muscles, beard on face, reduced size of the breast tissue and general body fat. The skin become coarse in the females, the women may even experience baldness a condition of hair loss on the scalp. It has also been seen to cause problems in the cardiovascular system by the reduction of high density lipoprotein and increase of low density lipoprotein, this cause a deposition of fatty substance in the blood vessels. These deposits latter cause formation of clots which hinders proper blood flow, leading to ischemia and stroke in the long run.

Steroids abuse could also lead to psychosis, mood swings and depression in most people.
Steroids in women are also seen to cause an aggressive characteristic which might have been some personal traits being activated by the use of steroids.

It is a good thing to desire beauty and strength but not to the false destruction of the body in the thirst for temporary beauty, there are other ways to get your desired muscular looks. This you can get by a good exercise program which actually develops both your muscles and keeps you healthy and fit.

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