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Most Common Mistakes Made By Steroid Users

So you’ve decided to dive into the world of steroids. Chances are good that you have studied the heck out of the compounds you’ll be injecting shortly, and you’re ready to take the plunge. Here are some common mistakes made by new users. Make sure you don’t make them as well!

Not Enough Food

If you start a cycle at 180 pounds, and eat what you’ve always eaten, you may reach 190 pounds. If you start a cycle at 180 pounds and eat like a 230 pound man, you may reach 212 pounds. Give your body the resources it needs to grow!

Not Enough Rest

This is more about delivering the resources your body needs to grow. If you sleep 6 hours per night, you may grow 8 pounds of muscle on a cycle. If you sleep 8.5 hours per night, you may add 15 pounds or more. The decision is yours. Sweet dreams!

Not Taking Breaks

I know it feels terrific to be “on”. You feel invincible. Your sex drive is through the roof. But after three months of being on a cycle, your internal organs, including the liver and kidneys, will be begging you for a break. Don’t let a hospital stay be your first break from bodybuilding drugs take at least two extended breaks each calendar year.

Not Considering Family Issues

Do you plan to father children in the next 5 years? If so, then your use of steroid use should be re-considered, or your parenthood path should be remapped. The presence of artificial testosterone hormones in your body sends a signal to the testes to halt their production of testosterone and yes, your own little swimmers. Drugs like Clomid can help to jumpstart production down the road, but you will face a period of impotency following use. It’s normal, and to be expected.

Skipping Blood Work

You’re young and there’s nothing wrong with you today. Why spend the money on having a blood panel done? Because in 1-2 years, you might face a major health crisis. Possessing a baseline of information as to where you were when you were healthy before you dove into AAS use could save your life.

Running Your Mouth

Telling friends, acquaintances, people in the gym, and even your loved ones about your steroid use could come back to bite you later. They may throw this in your face in an argument later, or blame any bit of emotion you display on “roid rage”. Rumors of your use may hamper promotions at your job. Remember that the vast majority of Americans are ignorant on the good uses of steroids. Most will just see you as a meathead who abuses drugs, not a warrior intent on making the most of your body.

Neglecting PCT

You work out very hard so you can proudly take off your shirt. However, if you don’t manage your skyrocketing estrogen and falling testosterone levels following a cycle, you will likely develop a nice set of “bitch tits”, or a case of gynecomastia, which will keep you hiding those new pecs. Plan ahead!

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