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A Warning To Women Who Use Anabolic Steroids

Different women take steroids for very different reasons. Many of the ones in athletics and especially body building, juice up to develop more muscles. Other on the other hand juice up to get more libido and sexual energy.

Testosterone which is basically the backbone of steroids is known to make a woman horny. It is known that if you want to skip the foreplay and romance and get right into the act, simply juice up. You become aggressive in bed and shy Polly all of a sudden wants to be on top of things literally. While many will share only the pros of what happens in the bedroom and in their lives in general, an exclusive interview with a lady called Anna (not her real name for privacy purposes) gave me a chill down my spine and I knew that I had to share it with the women living in ignorance.

The clitoris enlarges visibly. While you may argue that this will lead to more and intense orgasms, you and your spouse had better be ready to deal with a second erection!

Anna developed a condition called hirsutism. Her brunette hair started falling of and growing in other places. She grew hair everywhere else and I mean everywhere else apart from her scalp. Hair started growing on her chest, around her nipples and around her anus. Imagine shaving your boyfriends chin, now imagine him shaving yours!

That was only one of the things her boyfriend had to get used to. She started having a constant vaginal discharge which like any other vaginal discharge doesn’t smell like cherries.

There are women who undergo a process called mascularization, where the breasts reduce in size, the jaws and shoulders broaden and the voice deepens. Believe you me; no man would like to feel like they are in bed with another man! The very man you were trying to please in bed may end up anywhere else but your bed. For women with or without self esteem issues, this is a path you don’t want to tread.

Anna showed me a picture of herself the night she was crowned prom queen. I couldn’t believe the woman seated next to me was once a hot size ten brunette. Her boyfriend could only handle the metamorphosis to a certain degree. Sex became anything but fun when she became uncomfortable about her looks, let’s just say she officially kissed foreplay goodbye. Her skin had become coarse and she had a bad breakout of acne. Her self esteem was flushed down the loo. It’s hard to love someone who doesn’t love themselves, that’s what finally drove away her boyfriend. The effects above should be the least of your concerns. They may kill your sex life and self esteem but won’t kill you. There are effects however that may eventually kill you. Steroids can cause failure of the kidneys as well as that of the liver. The heart is also affected as many cardiovascular diseases have been associated with steroids. Whatever your reason for juicing up, ask yourself whether it’s worth it.

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