Transdermal Trenbolone

Q:  I know that a lot of bros say that injectable Tren is best, but I want to know from you guys how I can try the transdermal Tren. Is it in a gel form or something I can buy, or do I have to make it? I’m worried about messing up good gear, or myself, so tell me how. Is it by using DMSO with crushed up pellets?

A: Okay, lots of questions and it isn’t a simple matter. This month we’re doing a feature on Tren and you should read it. But here is a little clue for you:  Pellets have binders and glues in them that you definitely don’t need and that bind to the product you want. You have to find a way to remove those binders and glues before injecting it or, for that matter, trandermally apply it. If you don’t take care of this, you’ll be injecting or crossing the blood barrier with glues and binders that are potentially toxic to you. Remember, your skin is an organ too – the largest one in the body – and can fail on you or get infected just like anything else. Treat it right. There are various carrier solutions and the article we’re featuring will be talking about your choices, such as “Transport Matrix”, DMSO and some Phlojel, or Absolve (Avant Labs).  But home-made transdermals can be dangerous, to be honest. Anything you have on your hands, or the skin surface you’re using, can get carried in with the product and carrier solutions. That means bacteria most of the time, and that can really wreak havoc with your system. Your body isn’t going to like the glues and binders and you can experience seriously painful gastro-intestinal problems and toxicity symptoms.  Do a google search for Finaplix kits for taking the pelleted product and making it into something safe to inject or to cross the skin barrier.

Popular Trenbolone brands: Trenboxyl Acetate, Trenolab-E 200, Parabolan 100, TriTren.

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