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hCG Intramuscular As An Alternative To Subcutaneous

Q:  Why would someone recommend HCG intramuscular, instead of sub-q? A lot of dudes seem to use it this way. I just always thought HCG and insulin were sub-q.

A: Believe it or not, the manufacturer recommends HCG injections intramuscular. Odd, huh? Who knew?  It is a little known fact that has been bypassed by people doing just the opposite and most people injecting sub-q. While I can’t argue with the manufacturer, I will say that you should use the method that works best for you. Since almost all of us have used HCG under the skin, I think it’s safe to say that using it this way is fine. But, try the intramuscular to see if your dose goes up or down or it’s more effective. Just remember, sticking muscles is a lot more painful. Sub-q is a great, painless form of delivery. Thank your lucky stars that you can do GH, ’slin and HCG sub-q. Here is a legit source for Dragon Pharma HCG online.

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