Q:  I’m getting ready to have surgery in about 6 weeks, and I am going to be put under general anesthesia. At the time of surgery, I’ll just be coming off of 500 Test E, 500 Deca, 800 Equipoise) can you tell me if I have anything to fear or do I have to tell the anesthetist in order to safeguard myself?

A: Complications while under anesthesia. Well, it’s our thought that it’s always better to be honest. Doctors don’t judge you (ok, well some do, but they can’t do anything about it because of the oath they take) but they might counsel you on the dangers of evil ‘roids. Still, some anabolics and other AAS can interfere with anesthesia because of blood volume (abundance of red cells can affect anesthesia absorption levels and possibly make it too potent). I would mention it now, this far out, because if you mention it that day, surgery might be canceled. (We hope it isn’t for a transplant, because you’d be SOL otherwise!!) But, we have to say, in our experience, docs and anesthetists don’t really know a lot about steroids either. Remember that gear does inhibit your immune system and you don’t recover from bleeding as well, not to mention that you may be susceptible to staph infections and flu or other airborne illnesses after surgery. But here’s the real reason they might meltdown: You divulging this, particularly on the day of, opens a can of worms for these guys. There is a huge potential for a lawsuit if something went wrong, and malpractice insurance is already through the roof – particularly for anesthesiologists. Litigation happy freaks abound! They don’t want to get sued.  Using anabolics are similar to use of other illegal drugs in the minds of health care.

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